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I planted my Crocus bulbs in early November and have noticed they are sprouting already, what can be done?

I was thinking of covering them in chipped bark or some other mulch is this a good idea?


As long as you planted them at the right depth (about two and a half times the height of the bulb from base to tip) they'll be fine - they'll slow down in the cold weather.  If you didn't plant the that deeply some chipped bark might be a good idea. 

Mine are up as well mike but its been very mild so it isnt surprising, as dove says they will be fine, they are very tough.

Thanks Dovefromabove

i have planted them a the right depth but was concerned that a hard frost may damage the young shoots



Not sure why you think it's a problem.  Quite normal behaviour! 


Mine are well through too Mike. Been very mild here through November and December so they put on a real spurt. I put an extra layer of compost on top purely because mine are mostly in new beds and they've settled a fair bit with all the rain.

They'll all be fine. As already stated, the cold weather will slow them a bit, and we can't kid ourselves that it's going to be this mild for the new next few months! 

Here's to seeing all those lovely little gems poking through and bringing a smile to our faces on a miserable winter's day 

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