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I've just bought a 50 pack of crocus bulbs. Can I plant in gravel garden ?

The gravel is approx 50mm ( 2 inches ) thick on weed fabric. 

Only other alternative is to plant in containers.

Any advice please ?


You'd need to remove a patch of weed fabric, they do need some soil and more than 2" from bottom of bulb to surface

Thank you, but would they grow through the gravel ?


Yes, they'll grow through the gravel - scrape a bare patch and cut and X in the weed fabric  and turn the corners under, plant your crocus corns about 3" deep, pointy end up (sorry if that's obvious) - cover with soil and gravel then water with the rose on a watering can.

Planting in groups of odd numbers of corns looks most natural.  

They'll look gorgeous - what colours have you got?


Just remember to mark where they are Stephen so that you don't forget about them!

I speak from experience 


Thanks both,  I'll do as you say.

The pack I bought is multi coloured - may get some more.

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