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Found Cuckoo Spit on one of my Strawberries today..... a tad early  I thought but.anybody else noticed these little beggars  yet?

Yep just noticed them today on my lavender, however I always leave them because I like the jumping froghoppers everywhere. Don't seem to bother the plants much here.


MM............yes...........everyone has to have somewhere to live......but a bit early ?

Everything is early in my garden, most things are about a month earlier than last year at the moment. Even the pesky gooseberry sawfly.


flowering rose

yes they have appeared on  the bush ,need to hose it off or spray with soapy water.


Orchid Lady

I've just googled cuckoo spit because I have never actually known what it is  We don't get it much here, which is why I was never overly bothered as to what it actually is.  RHS advice is that it doesn't really cause harm unless on the growing too when the jumping frog hoppers may eat it.

When I was little I remember asking my mum what it was and she told me I was too young and would tell me when I was older......she obviously didn't know what it was either!!!  It was definitely Cuckoo spit as it was always in her lavender, how strange 

They are cool little guys with their bulgy eyes just blowing their bubbles!  They don't seem to do any harm and don't need to be killed.......

the berberis I just dismantled was full of it, that and some very brave snails!

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