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Why is it that so many of my runner beans this year are curved?.

 I have had the odd short bean curved before,but never a full length bean curving around like a boomerang.The beans are Red  Emperor ,and the crop has been enormous.

Maybe it was the heat and the watering. Maybe got them a bit mixed up as to how quickly or slowly they were supposed to be growing.

I wouldn't mind a few bent beans. Mine are only just beginning to set fruit now.  They'll be getting frosted soon.


lol mine were Scarlet Emporer and were just the same!! I blame the sweetpeas they were growing with (bad influences lol) 

Mine seem to get caught up in the leaves & stems when they're young & so become curved.

On a different note does anyone else get a rash on their arms when picking the beans & know why? I do wear long rubber gloves but they still seem to get a rash. 

Yes, Jennie, they give me a rash too. So do tomatoes, innula, geraniums and a whole load of other hairy plants. I'm a martyr to my garden....


I get a lot of curly beans, the good news is they don't taste any different from the straight ones when cooked   


No I know no difference in the taste Zoomer,I was just curious as to why they were curly this year.

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