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My lovely red roses bought for me on valentines day have started growing, can i grow them and how?


Cut the flower head off, and plant the rooted cutting in some gritty soil outside.

If you plant it where you want the final plant, you won't have to move it.

star gaze lily

Oh Katie, how lucky are you. Hope they take in the garden.....lovely memories to come.

So romantic. Let's hope the roses and the romance last a long time. If you don't have a permanent spot in the garden for the roses, you can grow them in pots for many years and have a moveable display.



My dad is still growing the red roses I got for valentine's day 1996! He keeps them in the greenhouse

Orchid Lady

How romantic, that's lovely  Can't give advice as I'm a newbie and don't know enough but thought how lucky you are.  I nearly dried mine out......but didn't 

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