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Last summer, when clearing my garden of unwanted trees, shrubs and overgrown ivy, I had to cut my two Choisyas back to about a foot from their bases, to get to the ivy that had become entwined in the shrubs. My garden was out of bounds all summer while building work was being carried out, and it's only now I've seen the two Choisyas are still just bare stumps with no signs of new leafage. Is there any hope for them? Luckily one of the cuttings I took has survived, but it'd be a shame for these to have died.

Abbie, wait umtil spring to know for sure. I have never killed a choisya by hard pruning.  Yours may just be sulking......check for layered shoots too.  Frequently I notice choisyas do this.

do nothing until you see new shoots.  Then you can feed them 


it's early yet Abbie, give it time.


In the past I've chopped choisya down to a stump and it's regrown - much to my annoyance ... I'm with the others, wait and see

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