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This might sound like a silly question but I have never had a garden before. When my daffodils have finished flowering do I just leave them or do I have to do anything. I think I remember seeing some in a garden somewhere where they had tied the leaves in a knot ! 

Cut the dead flower head off and leave the leaves to die back which invigorates the bulb. The leaves can look untidy so tying them or using a rubber band keeps them under control.

I'd cut the dead flowers off so save wasting energy producing seed, but don't tie up the leaves unless you really have to, it stop the leaves from photosynthsizing effectively.

Thanks both of you. I'm sure I will have many more questions being such a novice.


I'm with Bamboogie. They may look scruffy, but they're saving up energy for next year's flowers. I leave them until the first week in June, and then cut the whole lot down., it's worked for me for 30 years, Depending on how far North you are, you might want to delay a bit in cutting them.


Mark 499

Don't tie up the leaves, you can give them a feed also, builds them up for next year.

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