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I bought a red flame Dahlia this year for the first time and it's done very well still has lots and lots of flowers on it BUT I have just been digging my greenhouse base and found it to be losing colour from a bright red to a glowing orange is this normal for dahlia’s to lose its vibrancy at the end of the season or I’m I doing some think wrong??

I have also bought a new pink Dahlia for next year but its struggling to much and I don’t think it will make it through the winter be we will see the foliage is really damaged by slugs (bought as a rescue plant ) a week or two ago and still in its garden centre pot ( just waiting for the frost to come so I can life and store it


Another question, should I still be feeding my Dahlias’??




Some of my dahlias do change colour as they get older so yours might be fine. 

I'm not sure about feeding - other people on this site will know more than me - but I would think it would be OK to keep feeding it.  As I understand it the tubers are still growing and feeding at this time of year, which is why you don't cut back the top growth until after the frosts have blackened it (to maximise growing time);  so I'd have thought they'd still appreciated food if you want to feed them.

I'll be interested to see what other people say - I don't usually feed my dahlias because my clay soil seems rich enough for them, but maybe I should!



Don't feed dahlias unless in pots really.  

Clueless, if you're growing dahlias in GH they simply might be bleached by sun....has it been sunny there lately.  However, I find many plants do change colour somewhat in the cooler, darker days of autumn.  In fact many of them....frikartii monch is a prime example .....positively start glowing now.  The dahlia in a pot.....I would be inclined to take,it indoors now and not wait for frost to blacken it.  (I think this is an over hyped procedure).  Jusf let it dry out and simply fleece it later


Thank you Verdun dahila is still in the garden and full of flowers in a big pot 

I will let it dry and die down now then 


One of the dahlias I got.....v cheaply ....from national dahlia collection locally.....has just opened it's flowers.  Very, very late but what a lovely thing to behold.  Simple clear  pale yellow ......I love it.  .  It's quite compact. (well its in 5 litre pot) .....and loads of buds to come. ,down here it will flower well for some time now.  Squeezed it in next to anemone Wild Swan for now......looks like ice cream and custard.   



can we have a photo ppppppppppppppplease Verdun


Maybe nip out tomorrow James.  

Oops!  Forgot. 

its been a busy...if at times frustrating today.  Trying to sort my niece"s ,broadband and I've now managed to secure the services of one,of the managers(manageress) who is now personally handling the case.  She even calls me now.  It's all about open reach....the best ad for not having a monopoly.  It's taken 9 months to get new line and their sheer incompetence is mind blowing   I've been angry,,tactful, pleading, demanding, forceful, ??ou name it, but it's two steps forward and one back each time.  It just needs the line activating now and,,although they have signed the job,off as completed, there is no working phone line   However, I will get,compensation when the work is done  ......oops sorry.  Bit of a rant there 

Got some plants moved, cut down and cuttings potted up.  Don't really think to take photo.  I'm always on the go one way or another. .even a bit hyper I guess.  I've posted a few photos and don't want to outstay my welcome but will look to photo something James 

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