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I have a large water butt that has cracked at the bottom on the upward curve. What can I do to repair it as I don't want to throw it away.  It's the largest one I have so any advice would be great.

I have heard that you can get large durable plastic bags to fit  - does anyone know of this?



Edd, you are soooo practical That's a brilliant solution.

You might find a hot glue gun would do a reasonable repair too. Depends on what your butt is made of and how old. Make sure the area is "very" clean before you try any repair especially if we are talking plastic.

Thanks for the tips, I will have a go at repair when the weather gets drier.


trillium's right - sandpaper the area a little, to get a key, as well before you apply anything 'sticky'.



Also, a repair done on the inside will be infinitely better than one done to the outside because the water pressure will push against the inner repair 'patch' and actually help seal it, whereas one done on the outside will have to fight against the pressure so will completely rely on the 'stickiness' of the substance used to effect the repair.  More difficult to apply though unless you (or a little helper) can squeeze inside to do it.  Trillium is right about cleanliness - whatever you try, empty and clean the butt before allowing it to dry in a shed etc for a few days.  Any dampness in the crack area will ruin any attempted repair.

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