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Edd check out euporbia Polychroma.  This is a neat non invasive plant starting.....wonderful mounds of acid yellow/green flowers.  Ok, it doesn't fit your criteria of being free but I would hesitate to plant invasive stuff.  

From green to blue how about elymus magellanicus a glaucous evergreen grass.  More blue than green in sun and vice versa in shadier spots.  The pinks have a similar colour foliage in flowers from white to red to purple.  

If in doubt simply do not plant anything remotely invasive 


There is invasive and then INVASIVE. Many invasive plants are very easy to control by simply pulling up the unwanted plants. Some however are much more difficult. I am not sure where the Cypres spurge fits.

Are you sure it's cypress spurge? The usual one to find in a wood would be Wood Spurge, Euphorbia amygdaloides. Cypress spurge is not a British wild plant, just a fairly rare garden escape. Wood spurge is also a bit invasive, but quite easy to pull out.

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