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Last year's calendar was smaller than previously. ....this year's is same small size.  Not for me.  


I remember that in the past it has been slightly larger and possibly glossier - however this one is A4 which I find fine - I've just checked, the December magazine costs £4 whereas last month's was £3..80 so for 20p I think this is good value. The last one was in my office - this one will live in the kitchen on the pantry door - it'll suit me fine.  If I wanted a bigger or glossier one I'd be happy to buy one. 

I send a large calendar of English country and seaside scenes to my son's Russian mother in law every year for Christmas - she is very proud to receive it and it hangs in her shop where she shows customers how much she knows about England.  

The calendar for Russia always costs me at least £10 and although it is bigger overall, the pictures are about the same size as the GW pics, and the calendar section has far less space to write notes  than on the GW calendar. 

I also usually buy a BBC Good Food magazine in December, which also has a free calendar - I've not got this December's yet, but last year, if I remember correctly the pictures were not as large as those of the GW one.  I gave it to my daughter.




I like my calendar. Much better quality than some others that I have received free in magazines 


Ooh! Interesting comments. I only saw the cover of the the calendar in the mag and

assumed that the rest of the pictures would be the same quality - the phrase, never judge a book by its cover comes to mind     Maybe I should take another look as I

was happy enough with last year's one. Facts about Countryfile calendar also noted.



I thought this years one is bigger than last year?

The pictures are from GW readers, if you dont like them, you can submit your own for next year.

I like it.


The 2014 calendar is larger than the 2013 one - and the photos are great! Many thanks to the production team! I think it's great.

Well, would you believe it - went ahead and bought GW mag/calendar this morning and I am really pleased with it. The inside pictures are lovely and it is bigger than last year's....and when I get home from work this evening, what's waiting for me in my open porch, none other than a Countryfile calendar an unexpected but welcome present from my Mum! Bigger and glossier than GW but has already been said not free.

I have no excuse for not knowing the day of the week next year!! 

Well, I shall have to take a closer look.  As folks say its free amd there is a mag to read too 

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