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Could anyone shed some light on the problem with my Devon Winnie? When we lose a pet we like to plant something bearing said pets name. Our Devon winnie has been fine the last 2 seasons but is on its last legs now despite regular feeds and trimmimg. Any ideas?
Hello Christopher. I'm not familiar with this plant so I might not be able to help much but I looked it up and saw it described on one website as a sweet william. If it is a sweet william, rather than a pink or a carnation, then I imagine three years is about normal for its lifespan.

If it's a true carnation or pink, can you see any damage to the base of the plant, any slug damage? Can you take any offshoots for potting up as cuttings?

Sorry not to be of more help.
Is my memory working and Devon Winnie is a Sweet William?

If it is, in my experience they are never very long lived, even the perennial varieties, and can become quite straggly after a few years. Maybe you should try and save some seed and raise some new plants.

What a lovely idea though re finding plants with your pets name : )
It's definitely a dianthus. It's original name was Devon Winnie but I believe it was renamed Morning star. I think I found the problem, soil was too damp so my guess is it rotted due to poor drainage or was hit badly by a frost. I shall endeavour to buy another and take steps to pot it better. Thanks for the feedback guys. Much appreciated.

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