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I have paper subscription.  How do I access the digital edition for w7?

I cannot see an answer to this question, anybody know ?


I didn't even understand the question. 


Nor did I Fairy, I thought it was another example of my left behindness.



I must have missed that bus too nut....



It's OK out here in the wilderness though.



As you can tell we are often very easily confused here! Do you mean you want to read your subscription electronically (digital version) as well as the paper version you currently receive through the post?


I have the digital subscription on my Ipad but not the paper version.  This link has some info which might help.

If you are a magazine subscriber, you used to be able to get the digital copy to download to your tablet (iPad) for free.  However, after over two years of doing this the publishers decided that they would end the 'trial' (news to me - I never knew it was a trial), and now you can only get the magazine or the digital version as two separate subscriptions.  You no longer get both under the same subscription.  I'm annoyed really because I liked to keep the downloaded version on my tablet and once I'd thumbed and read my paper copy to death, I'd recycle it, but had the digital copy to go back to.  Now my house is filling back up with old copies of GW that I like to keep for at least 5 years.  I refuse to pay for two separate subscriptions.  If they'd only charged an extra £10 for a digital copy I could keep indefinitely. I'd be fine, but not a whole new subscription.

I agree Tim, and would pay a modest surcharge for both editions.I do have GW going back at least 15 years for when at home but would like access on my iPad when on holiday.

Thanks for your replies it feels like the publishers are not moving with the times, a reduced second subscription would be reasonable

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