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Oh my Lor !!!!!  I know it's really hot weather to be cooking but, just had our first meal of my runner beans , new spuds, carrots and Lamb chops with mint sauce of course. HEAVEN.  Think I'll have a little nap now. 


Enjoy, makes all the hard work worthwhile when we get to pick our own produce.

Too right Scroggin !  Sad when I had finished my meal BUT, can do all again tomorrow if I want .  Nectarines in wine poaching in oven for pud. Would share if you lived close by. 


Runnybeak, totally great when you harvest and eat you own produce. I go out and refer to it as "off hunter gathering" due to fighting way into runners etc. I'm so chuffed when I come back with our food  Sometimes I don't want beans in summer but they feed us well from freezer in the winter.


I think we should all pat ourselves on the back for producing what is probably pretty organic food for people to eat


Love them so much I even chop them up cold with cold new potatoes and mayonnaise in salads.  Good crop this year in spite of drought conditions.


Morning Keg, Artjak n Busy B. Thanks for your comments. Out again in my P.Js 'hunter gathering'  Another pleasure is to give to my neighbours. Last night lettuce n a few spuds. Must say I'm a bit tight with my runner beans, don't like to part with em  Unless I have a glut, shame on me . Yes Busy B I also slice em very fine and add to salad with a few raw peas as well.  Beautiful morning, warm n sunny but with a lovely breeze here in Staffs. Oppressive heat has disappeared for now. Bye for now .


I became a bit of a star in my neighbourhood as I was giving people small amounts of home grown Apricots! I think I had 40 this year. If I improve my pollination techniques with a fine paint brush, maybe I will get 60 next year! Grown in my lean-to greenhouse

I just love taking produce round to friends and neighbours. In the last week it has been bunches of Sweet Peas (you have to pick them every day for them to keep flowering) and punnets of sweet red dessert gooseberries.


We've just had roast lamb with roasted home grown  yellow courgettes,  Chantenay carrots and Buerre de Rocquencourt beans and mint sauce all from the garden - life doesn't get much better than that does it 

I am going to pick my first runner bean tomorrow from the allotment 

Just in the garden the black currents are turning , hopefully picking these soon , my wife makes fantastic black current jam 


My next door neighbour has a double row about 10 ft long and not a single bean has set on it this year.  Plenty of flower but no beans!

Beaus Mum

Oh dove you have made my mouth water! Our oven broke Friday and we had KFC! 

Everybody in the country seems to have had some rain it has missed us down here at the bottom of Cornwall we havnt had any for weeks and weeks poor garden is so dry - water runner beans every day to keep them going but not the same as rain. I suppose we are never satisfied !!!!!!!

Hello , wonderfully sunny day , had a heavy down pour over night Saturday , so water butts full

long May this weather continue , in fact sitting in the garden with a cup of tea


Today I will be cooking Calaloo Red leaf for the first time, I first came across it in the U.S. Virgin Islands in a soup (the veg, not the Islands) Will report back on results.



Oooh yes - info please 

As long as it wasn't you in the soup!!! 

Prayers answered its actually raining - garden especially grass heaving a sight of relief!! Hope it knows when to stop.


Followed, vaguely, a recipe on you tube; chopped onions, garlic, cook for a while in a little oil; add chopped calaloo and chard plus coconut milk, cook till reduced a bit. Et voila! Jolly nice too


Artjak that sounds  I don't have any calaloo but have plenty of chard & spinach so will adapt and give it a go.


I think it will work fine with that combo