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denise butcher

I have several mature silver birch trees and the bark on them is dirty looking, any way I can restore them to the peeling clean papier charm??


Just take a strong cloth and soapy water and rub the bark and that restores them.


A soft brush and soapy water. 

Some recommend using a Karcher, but I'd be loathe to do that to a tree.

denise butcher

ok will try the cloth but the Karcher does seem a bit harsh…I agree. Thank you x

funny you say about a karcher was but on the local new about 2 weeks ago they were getting ready to put the xmas light in the sliver birch trees in a woodland and they did used a pressure washer to clean the bark down and done very good job without too much damage and now lights are up looks amazing from the photos we saw last week 

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