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Those of you who have walked around your local German discount supermarket & beamed at their gardening products & prices but shocked by the state of their plant stock.

I was so disapointed by the condition of their fruit tree's the other day that I decided to contact them and ask why they always fail to water the stock. I was told that all stores are instructed to water the plants once a day. Those instructions have never been adhered to by any of their stores we have visited.


Tesco are no better.

The Range had tomato plants shivering  outdoors in early  May and the  hardy pansies undercover.


I was quit tempted to ask pound stretcher if they would let me plant their left over trees on the verge infront of the store
flowering rose

The same at our  local store which is not German, they either over water or don't water at all.


I am astounded that B&Q treat their plants so badly; when I asked why they did not do better this was the reply; 'the girl who looks after the plants only comes in 2 or3 days a week' So I get to buy big plants for 50p when they think they are dying - but all they need is some water


Yes, my gooseberries were 50p from b&q
Victoria Sponge

50p? I was robbed! The gooseberry I got off their dead plants shelf was a quid!

My b&q has one of those lawn watering things that somehow wets everything and waters nothing.

Got a nice dead hydrangea off them for £1 last year too-hasn't  budded up yet but I did have to cut it back...

If it is the german store with A at the start I too have been shocked at what I have seen going to waste at a couple of my local stores. There must have been over a 100 plants dying at one place, including those Bay trees trained with a twisted stem. Somebody put a lot of effort into producing them and it is disrespectful to the growers, very wasteful and atrocious PR for the company. Rant over.  

Our local Aldi had about six trolleys of various plants outside the front of the store that were all were desperate for a drink - I bought four hanging baskets, two tomatoes and two strawberries for little money.

Some bloke there commented that he'd mentioned to a staff member that all the plants needed a drink and he was told ''we're not allowed to water them due to H&S regulations as somebody might slip on the wet floor''

Wonder what they do when it rains and the floor gets wet.......

My local green grocer gave me a poorly hydranga for nothing! Cant beat local, independent stores eh!

My local green grocer wont even give me a good morning! I'd sure like to beat a little politeness into him if we can't be anything else!


My local German supermarket store are really good with their plants - they last for ages on display. Not good for those of us hoping to grab a bargain!


Clari  Feisty this morning?


Barely awake would be more appropriate I think Lesley; my grammar is appalling! I do prefer to support local and independent where I can but that doesn't mean they're always the best and can't be beaten.


My local Homebase is slowly filling my garden with fruit and veg from their discount sin bin. Its not perhaps the most ideal place to shop from and I'm sure my local nursery if they could clear all the tat so you can even see the plants would much rather my money but I haven't got much of it to splash around and a bargain is a bargain! Even if it needs some TLC and water.


I have had lots of good bargains from the discount supermarkets but find that they are usually best on the first day.   They can all be hit and miss so I have to go quite often



Lesley. I find that with Homebase. You'd not believe the amount of times I "nip in" on my way past "just in case".

Perhaps its a good job all the local independent type places are closed on my way home I'd not be back before night fall!


I have had some real bargains from a small independent  local shop that combine garden centre with cheap hardware, tools and locally brewed beers. A winning combination.

Ive had to stop going to the bargain bit so much because i felt sorry for all the plants and kept buying them, cant tell you how many scraggy orchids ive got! Maybe its maternal instinct or something- anyone want a scraggy orchid?

we have a store called Alde it sounds just like the German stores your all talking about,i got a cracking fig tree 18 months ago  its now 5 foot tall and has figs,English figs that is  


coming from retail this won't be an individual store's fault personally, they might be asked to water every day, but whether management have enough hours in the day to devote to someone standing outside watering, when there's queues building, customers that need helping, delivery processing etc etc, I can understand how plant welfare falls to the waste side.