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star gaze lily

On my walks around the village I often pass this shrub on the ccorner of someones garden. Could any one tell me what it is please.

It has a very strong aroma to it. Sorry about pics but did it very quickly on my mobile.



star gaze lily

Ooops sorry pics have come out side ways.

It is definitely a Viburnum, I think V.carlesii, but possibly V x burkwodii.

star gaze lily

Thank you Invicta2. Will google Viburnum.


also have a look at V. Juddii.

They're all pretty similar but might help you pin point yours.



I have V burkwoodii and I would say that it has a hint of pink in it.

Is it Viburnum Opulus Sterile - aka the 'snowball bush'?  Looks very like it.  Definitely a viburnum!


Sorry Brenda, the leaves are wrong for OS

Leave it to you guys, then!  Hope you discover what it is, Star Gaze lily.

star gaze lily

Thank you everyone,  googled the above, its possibly a burkwoodii. Juddii, looks too pinky. But next time I walk past the shrub I'll have another look. Not brave enough to knock on their door!  And I've never seen anyone there when walking past 

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