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Does it have a name or a personality or a favourite part or a sun awning etc etc

No name but it does have an incredible lean to it.  The last owners decided to put a reinforced roof on it but didn't think to straighten it beforehand.  We decided that if we tried to amend it's lean now it could be to the detriment of the roof.  So being a typical gardener I asked the other half to put a potting shed on the side of it, and being a typical perfectionist of a man he promptly did so WITH A SPIRIT LEVEL.  Needless to say the open, precisely level potting shed now holds up the very leaning shed.  Maybe I should call it Pisa (Precisely Installed Side Accommodation)



Now we men dont have to " get the coal in " we do need to prove our worth some how !


Ours are just wooden shed and tin shed. Mind you, the stuff is never kept in the right one so you have to look in both anyway.

Whats yours called then?


Early riser, I think that is very funny



My GH is known as The Crystal Palace

Orchid Lady

Our shed is just The Bike Shed......I don't have my own shed  I think I'm missing out 


Yes, it's called my shed. And the allotment shed is called my allotment shed


I have 3 sheds , a brown plastic one , a cream plastic/metal and a brick one. They all have the same name..... B...... Shed, when I can't get the locks undone or done up again. 


 no name . but i will think of one

How about Fern Britton?  Well I thought it had the makings!

Joan Brew

Ours was " the wet shed" and " the dry shed "  But now they are both " the dry sheds" since " himself was let loose on the " wet shed" roof with tar and a blow torch type thingy. The "wet shed " used to be a pig sty and the "dry shed " an outside Loo. Our cottage was one of many built in the Irish countryside for workers. Most families kept a pig and grew potatoes and had chickens and maybe a cow. !!


My sheds are always known as the number of my house followed by A - currently 73A. My plants are known as my babies. I am always saying to DH - "just popping out to 73A and seeing my babies"!


Shed and dog kennel - though an unemployed dog kennel I hasten to add. The shed has Virginia creeper all over it 


Think ours should be called Expandable the amount that gets put in it

Archie that's not a shed around here the council would say it's a house extension  Glad you've secured your ladder



ER - I like that! 

Up here it's a hut...

Mine gets called the thingy quite often 


Don't name our sheds, but one of our cars is called Arnold

flowering rose

mine is called ,the cattery, storage space for adult children s things, the antique centre , spare parts for bikes and cars  and so on  plus gardening tools.

Mine is blue and it leaks a bit round the windows.

 I'm quite fond of it