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Hi, Has anyone here ever put their dogs mess in the compost bin? I have 2 large boxer dogs and I use plastic bags to clear up after them. I am a big recycler and get the feeling that something which naturally degrades shouldn't just be preserved in plastic and sent to land fill. (I have tried biodegradeble bags but find them too flimsly, nothing worse than a bag malfunction at the park)

There are serveral opinions on the internet regarding this, also information on special dog mess composters that are buried underground.

Does anyone out there recycle their dog waste?


I would say bury it as there are a lot of nasty diseases that one can catch from touching faeces, especially when they have been in contact with soil. The most well known is toxocara canis, which can produce blindness. For more information about just how dangerous dog faeces are look on Wikipedia. 

Definitely don't put it where it can be touched by children especially.

Hi waterbutts I have have to say I am very skeptical about the whole composting thing. would it not also attract flies, they are bad enough at the moment as it is. No kids as yet but when they do come along I hope they would enjoy gardening with me. The idea of them touching compost from dog mess is not appealling. Not sure about burying it as one of my dogs is quite a digger. Think I'll just keep topping up the landfil sites.


Vegetarian animal waste only in compost bins is the general rule-ie horse, guinea pig, rabbit etc- no dog  or cat as they are meat eaters.  Home compost bins don't get to high enough temps to break that down. 


Smokin Donkey, I know it is only a small point, but tapeworm is not a bacterium.  Trouble is if you write such a simple thing wrongly it casts doubt on the other things you write, and you obviously take great trouble to write long posts.



The dog poo bin is clean, and the poo degrades in the soil out of site .

with two big dogs , do you have a choice?

And as for plant and kitchen waste recycling, If done right does not smell either!!

And saves money in the long run.

Thanks for the comments everyone. Still not sold on the hole in the ground idea. Might be worth a try tho.

I don't even have a compsot bin yet but I am hoping to get one next year. The back garden resembles a builders yard at the moment as we are fitting new ktichen and bathroom, also got a lot of big branches around as we try to cut back the trees and bushes which have left been to their own devices by the previous owner.

Hopefully by this time next year I will have a lovely back garden and be making my own lovely compost, minus the dog mess of course!

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