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Suddenly it feels pressurising. Mid April, its warming up, scores and scores of perennials in,pots, the urgent need to get runner beans sown, carrots sown, Beetroot, lettuce, pot on fast growing summer stuff, start watering greenhouse plants, making space for tomatoes, ..............but, I'm not panicking. Not me. Cool as a cucumber, me.

I believe you umm me I think I am panicking... Good day thou t-shirt weather even in the odd shower.

The potty gardener

Panicking not me.... yesterdayI spent a while just sitting out in the garden enjoying it (had to dry the seat off first!). I told myself I was looking around planning.

Well, did some catching up today...runner beans sown today but they're not up yet. ...............

It;s gathering momentum isn't it? ooooh the anticipation....sigh-quiver-tremble


Woodgreen wonderboy

20 years ago "they" were predicting a mini ice-age. Then came global warming with it's warm wet winters ( remember we were all told to learn how to garden the mediterranean way). Now it's the jet stream and a prediction of colder winters. Do they wonder why we find it easy to be cynical?


I can almost see my halo! Far from panicking, I have been a goody two shoes and done all those awful gardening jobs that get put off year after year because we are always too busy growing stuff. Sadly there isn't an emoticon to show a self satisfied smirk. I have scrubbed on hands and knees nearly 50 sq. metres of paving stones - weeded thoroughly, though it has to be said, even the weeds are not thriving! I've prepped all the veg beds, mulched the flower beds, sowed seeds in the greenhouse, my next project is to clear some very spidery sacks of kindling into fresh bags and put them into the log store; I have been putting this off for 3 years as am terrified of spiders


 I apologise for being so smug

Sorry to be a pedant but any Dad's Army fan will tell you it is Captain Mainwaring, pronounced Mannering.  Except by Corporal Captain Square, Mainwaring's arch rival, who pronounces it as written, to comic effect and Capt. Mainwaring's annoyance.  And it is Corporal Captain Square before anyone corrects me, he was a Corporal in WW1 but a Captain in the Home Guard so assumed the title Corporal Captain.  I'm a bit of a fan bordering on the obsessive as you may have realised.

I can't resist telling Verdun that he is a Stupid Boy for not knowing this!


I think he was being phonetic

Tall boy, I am indeed a stupid boy.
No Artjak don't have a mobile. Ha ha......I'll get my coat

(Never liked dads army as a kid but now I think it's brilliant. The characters, the stories, the innocence and never coarse or offensive)

Yes, Verdun get your coat! I too like dad's army; it was one of the few comedy things I did like when I was young. I especially liked John Le Mesurier's character...wonderfully vague and not at all into the spit and polish approach of Mainwaring's jumped up little bank manager. I used to loath the 'On the buses' type of humour and 'Terry and June'

Woodgreen wonderboy

I don't ever remember Dad's Army ever doing any "digging for victory", do you? Strange that... given that inreal life all these characters would have been hard at it. Or am I missing something??


Art-you're entitled to feel smug...award yourself a Sir Smug medal! 

I went out to my car earlier and the rain has made 5 million dandelions grow where my car is 


Only 5 million Fairygirl!


Maybe 6 million Tina...



I think perhaps some people volunteered to be in the Home Guard just because that got them out of Digging for Victory 


Fairygirl; I award myself a Dame smug medal; I am a ladee

artjak wrote (see)

Fairygirl; I award myself a Dame smug medal; I am a ladee


getting coat right now....


It's my fault for choosing the name 'artjak'; I'm an artist and my name is Jacqueline, but everyone abreviates it automatically to Jackie, which is not my name. I did not realise, never having joined a forum before that that would be my name in perpetuity, I quite like artjak, but it does seem to cause gender confusion, not to be confused with seedling angst.


My father was in the Home Guard and only used his gun to shoot rabbits for food.  He also had a big allotment on the railway embankment where I helped grow our vegetables and kept quiet about the strawberries we grew tumbling down the steps from terrace to terrace as such things were looked upon as frivolous luxuries.  He was en engineer on the Ghost ships whuch came into Rosyth for repair and maintenance from the sea.  I do not know how he kept going when I think he caught the bus to work at 6.30am and got home about 7pm and was out at the Home Guard for 8pm and one night a week out all night on surveillance duty and still kept tne five of us well fed with fruit and vegetables.  His one relaxation was the local football match when it was a home game as he used to play semi professional football till his cartilege gave him bother and on Saturday he was home at 1.30pm as everyone worked a five and a half day week then.  I still like to grow the potatoes and onions he grew.

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