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Open up the thread and it's author and press the ignore button. Why has it taken me so long to think of that? They've gone

When I open the author I can't see an ignore. What am I doing wrong?


Don't open it, sorry, Just hold the cursor over it.

The thread or the author?



Hi Pauline. Open the thread so you can read it. Then hover over the author, a dark square appears and, in  that square, the word ignore. Click on there and the post disappears. 

Nut........will do that too

Just found out how to do it. I'm on my kindle so things are a bit different. Hopefully I won't have to use it.


Good idea Nut,. but.although we wont see it once ignore pressed does,nt it still need to be reported to delete totally?


I think that's why they post on Friday nights.There's no-one to report to. But yes, it will still be there really til Monday. 

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