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Hi guys,

Had an idea.  I think some of you are off to a garden at the end of this month? Sorry if I'm out of date.  Work has been very busy and I've not kept up with the forum.  I'm only on now because mid watch of GW on iplayer I thought of a forum Q. 

Anyway, how about making the last sat of the month our garden day?  so always arrange a trip for then and whoever can make it goes.  That way easier to plan ahead. Will prob get a different group every time - but that's great!

you guys are going this month. (I can't make it.) we could retry Beth Chatto last sat of sept.  (Not that I've checked with hubbie but fingers crossed and anyway if I can't, there'll be a garden end of oct....)

Whaddya reckon?



Sounds like a good idea Snoodle  Where are people off to  and why didn't I know? 



OK, so have though about this and think it's Nut, Artjak and Dove?


Hey Panda.  Will look back and find out what (I thought was) happening.  And Topbird too.  And any lurkers that might show themselves.  And as we approach the boundaries of the area we may attract mid Englanders. And holidayers.



Oh we could have regional regular dates!   Then if anyone is holidaying/ travelling / just fancies a trek, they could join in with another area.  Briilliant! 


Would love to come Fidget but have been invited to Ma and Pa's for Sunday lunch. Doesn't happen very often  


Family ties, restrict me, or I'd be there like a shot

Trying to get my 3 year old into gardening so soon he can join in.... He loves trains.  Realised a few weeks ago he knows what a traction engine, coupling rod, and from me, bud, petals, stamen are, but didn't know what a lamp was...

Supernoodle,  what a brilliant idea  

This is one mid-Englander who will be there whenever possible, so much easier go work round a fixed date 

Fidgetbones, sorry, if I wasn't going to Picton Gardens and Nursery  on Sunday would have loved you to meet you at  that event. The national collections are a joy to visit 






Sounds like a great idea Snoodle. It would be really good to be able to set aside the time in advance. 

When does the yellow book come out?

Sorry I can't make P'borough - I shall be packing the caravan ready for off!


oooo, where are you off to TB?


France - Dordogne area - Busy Lizzie's area (although I think she may be a bit further north than us). Am thinking of PM'ing her as I could do with some inside info as to whether / where I can buy cheap gin over there. Planning on making a few bottles of raspberry gin, blackberry gin, sloe gin .... HIc! You get the picture?

Booze always used to be cheaper in France but I'm not sure that's still the case


Not from East Anglia, but my Mum was - so can I be an honourary member ??

Would love to join you at Beth Chattos if you go on the last Sat of September



Great Chicky!  We can generalise the name a little to be more inclusive? Eg East of England- ers, North of London-ers , almost Dutch-ers.  Any suggestions?

What about the Iceni Gardeners?


Boudicca's Garden Gang?

Iceni Gardeners is quite classy Dove - I rather like that one 


I'm with TB  Esp as Boudicca's Garden Gang sounds like we are just women, and boys are welcome 


Hi guys!  Sorry haven't been round much.  busy time.  Just popping in to say I'm still up for last sat of sept if you are.  Love the name Dove!  Been thinking how can add to it to get an appropriate acronym.....