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John Harding

Have the email notifications been abandoned now? I haven't had any notifications since Tues. 16th July yet there are plenty of topics current.

Heather Michaels

Hi John, I've never ever had a single email notification since I joined the site back in May! Its just doesn't want to work for me! I've tried over and over again asking it nicely to notify me by email but nope! I don't think they've abandoned them, I wonder if its technical gremlins at work! Hope you get it resolved.

Heather Michaels

And I can't link up to facebook either John in spite of the fact that I'm supposed to be able to. Perhaps its getting personal with me!


I have e-mailed Daniel, yet again, today re the glitches and I believe that others have too.  Not my job, just like to stick my nose in. Feel free to do the same.


I got some email notifications in the first few days after joining up and posting (in the last week or two). But the email only came a couple of days after the post was posted. So perhaps if you've already looked at the replies you don't get a notification? (or is that crediting it with too much intelligence? )


Sara 4

I think it has just packed up - when it first started going wrong, I'd get loads of notifications all at once, as if the server had been storing them up and connecting every few days.  Haven't had any at all for a while now.


same for me. i've got the email box ticked but i never get one.


Same here, seemed to get loads all at once until a week or so ago and now nothing.

No swearing John........

John Harding

Sorry! don't know Kernow for "That is Life"

The potty gardener

I want the notifications back. Some people don't use them but I like it much better when they are working properly

I don't get notifications either, sent an e-mail  but not yet recieved a response...

Heather Michaels

Well this all seems to be working really rather well then! 


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