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I'll give you a cup of tea if you come verdun  and maybe cake


thanks for that anonymous, I thought they would be on a tight schedule, shame they can't have a bit of off screen, impromptu looking around though.

maybe next year a young people section. i think it is a feature of the RHS show at Malvern

Woodgreen wonderboy

gfk etc.  I am afraid I am not at all impressed by your arguments... it's just a matter of proper planning beforehand and realising that you are in prime position to do something about this important issue, rather than the somewhat formulaic efforts each year... oh look there's the best in show, let's go over and interview them!

When I see feedback type programmes on TV where ordinary folk comment adversely about the programmes they see there is always an apologist rolled out with the standard book of excuses ... never an apology or acceptance that the public might have a point. I would love to see this part of the training manual.. it must be a classic.


Thanks gfkqwegf  egfwc kjgf (thats some name !!)  It helps to have this put into context. Maybe next year the BBC will schedule a spot for it - they have previously highlighted Hampton Court Gardens put together by schools.


Back from show. One of the highlights was ayoung girl from one of the schools explining about her schools garden. She held a large crowd enthralled by her enthusiasm, she gave time spent making garden, cost of garden, how they fashioned some aspects of it, why they chose the plants they did. Wondeful . The garden was Highly commended.

Schools gardens are a feature of he show - maybe a Blue Peter - slot if not a GW slot.


Well said anonymous.  I don't understand the time constraints or pressures in this situation, and I'm sure there are numerous requests like this and it's impossible to accommodate them all.  Maybe we should give the benefit of the doubt as readily as we are happy to condemn someone.


Woodgreen wonderboy

The next time that I don't feel like going into my garden to tackle the long list of things that need doing I shall remind myself that I am too busy doing something else.


I'm not sure I really understand.  Most of my working day I don't have time to spend doing things I would rather be doing - because I'm being paid to do something else, and that pays my bills.  Just because we see these people entertaining us in our spare time, doesn't mean that they're not doing a job. Surely his priority was the job he had to do? Fair enough in my view....

Woodgreen wonderboy

I was at Malvern on the day I started this thread and saw the GW team spend long periods of time sitting around doing very little. With a little forethought and planning they could have preferably covered this important topic as part of the programme       ( Alan Titchmarsh wrote about it in the Daily Telegraph in the same weekl! It is an important issue on the RHS agenda.)-- or at least had the decency, when asked, to spend a few minutes with the children. To have been specifically asked by a teacher  to do so and then refuse pointblank to speak to the children who were a few yards away is inexscusable. 

Who pays their wages for goodness sake?



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