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Hello Christine Cantello

Do you have space in your own garden to grow vegetables as well as the space your neighbour is giving you?

Your neighbour is nice to give you a greenhouse and a bit of garden, sounds great they get there garden looked after and don't have to do any of the hard work.

What are you planning on growing in that space? Is it to be shared with your neighbour anything you grow?

Maybe try and grow some flowers for cutting, or to attract the bees for your veg.


Gardengirl you are very kind 

Hi there, yes, I am very lucky! I hope to grow brussels, leeks, savoy cabbage, parsnips, pumpkin, well as courgettes, salads, tomatoes, cucumber etc.....runner beans, peas. I do have a small garden bed in our back garden as well so will be planting there too, and a wooden truckle! Get the picture! My kind neighbours have a small holdng so they already grow lots of their own veg....and keep chickens and turkeys. I shall be growing marigolds in and around the beds to deter pests, and have plans for a trellis wall of sweet peas, all being's a exciting prospect.

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