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"Someone " who says they know a lot about growing says that you can not take seeds from an F1 plant which means you must buy fresh again every year

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F1 plants are a specific cross which provide a consistent plant  which is useful if you want to harvest all your crop at the same time.  Seeds from an F1 are called F2

F2 is the second generation of that cross and are likely to be highly variable in nature.

 Old varieties have some variation , but have overall characteristics which persist from generation to generation.

 If you want the specific characteristics of that F1 , then you will have to buy fresh each year.

The thread title asks " good or bad".?   Well, it depends.  Carrots, for example....I tried various F1 hybrid carrots over recent years to compare  with the tried and tested early nantes, chantenay, etc for taste and quality.  This year I reverted to those tried and tested "ordinary" carrots.....the taste and quality was just as good as the F1's and so much cheaper.  The good summer helped  but the sweetness, crispness and taste of my carrots this year has been top drawer so I will continue with the old traditional seed next year. However, I would choose F1 for flower seed because I want the uniformity.  For sweet corn I would select F1 as I think the taste is superior.  for runner beans I think the best hybrid seed is superior too.

It depends on what you want to grow.

Fidget has eloquently explained the differences between the seeds......if you want the F1 quality fresh seed is needed every year. 


My question is whether you can take the seeds say of a bean and instead of eating it keep them over the winter and then plant them out.I have heard that with F1's that you cant do this


You can. Its just that the resulting plant the following year will still be a bean, just not identical to its parent plant.


....and prob not as good


all different probably but as fidgetbones says, still beans

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