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Adam urges us to "drench---- bulbs with liquid feed mixed into their water". What constitutes a good liquid feed?


Depends on the product. Mix the liquid feed in line with the guidelines on the packaging, and water as normal.

Hi  Gold1locks!  Thanks for your answer, but I DO know HOW it's done. I was wondering what KIND of feed to use e.g. Miraclegro all purpose?? Miracid?? Tomorite with high potash??



there is such a wide variety avaiulable try a couple on different plants pof the same species and see whats better maybe ????  i have heard that any seaweed based fertiliser is good for bulbs


Sorry Northchiel, on the Beeb boards I used to be able to check out each boarder before answering by looking at their previous posts and form a view as to whether they were a newbie or experienced.

The ideal fertilizer is a specific bulb fertilizer, which has more phosphorus than nitrogen or potassium, typically an NPK ratio such as 5:10:5. But it is expensive stuff. Miraclegro and Phostrogen are  the two main liquid fertilizers, but their NPK balance is the opposite way round, such as 12/6/12, to encourage leafy growth and flowers. 

To be honest, I would use MiracleGro anyway. It is a lot cheaper than a special bulb fertilizer, even if some of the contents will be wasted.  

PS: I tried to write 12/6/12 using colons and it comes out like this:  1212, so colon 6 colon must produce this  1212

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