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As you may know I moved into my council house in January last year(2013). Both front and back gardens were just compacted earth with more weeds than grass.

My knowledge of gardening could be written on the back of a postage stamp. 

With a lot of hard work and loads of help from you friendly lot on here I have got what I think is a reasonable garden.

We put up a new fence and this morning, I was in the corner preserving it when two women walking down the road stopped and one said to the other "That's a lovely garden now isn't it". They hadn't seen me and I didn't let on that I'd heard them. But oh boy, don't I feel proud !! Thanks everyone for your help.

Yeys! Good you you Pauline!!
Victoria Sponge

That's great Pauline! It's so gratifying when someone notices...

Well done you

Pauline well done.  Careful, gardenIng is addictive 


Orchid Lady

That's fantastic, well done Pauline  I know that the support on here is fab and I've learned so much too 


Every right to be proud as punch Pauline.  Well done you!


 It's comments like that which make all the hard work worth it.

Good for you  . 


well done pauline , isn't it lovely when someone notices all your hard work


Feels good doesn't it! I've done the same at my mums council property.

May you continue to enjoy it for many years to come ????

Verdun wrote (see)

Pauline well done.  Careful, gardenIng is addictive 

Too true Verdun. I can always find something to do......normally just as I'm about to go out to work.

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