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 One of the old oak trees in the woodland. Other trees are beech, understorey of hazel and hawthorn


What Nut says!


Even OH was impressed and that takes a lot.

You wouldn't believe it was less than half a mile from the M1



Absolutely gorgeous. 


That looks amazing  Glad you enjoyed them 

Orchid Lady

Beautiful Fidget, thanks for sharing, wish I lived closer 


Gorgeous bluebells - what an uplifting sight


Bluebells!!  I had a strange experience a long time ago and bluebells were definitely involved.  A friend and I were riding through Fonthill woods in Wiltshire and as we came into a clearing we both said 'Bluebells?  Not the flowers but the perfume except...... this was August!!  Yes they did bloom there in the Spring but there certainly were none in sight that bright summer day.  Looking back from many years later I would say I must have dreamt it but we both had exactly the same reaction and the perfume lingered until we rode into the next treeline.


Certainly the perfume was amazing. Very hyacinth like but not so headache inducing, if that makes sense. One of those smells you wish you could bottle to pull out on a depressing dull day.


Thanks Fidget, I feel like I was there.


Anyone fancy a trip this Friday????

how beautiful, where is this place? Dorset I used to ride in local woods and bluebell time was my favourite, I'd rush to the yard after work,throw saddle on my lovely horse and enjoy the sight , smell and sounds of a quiet evening, last year my lovely hucband and 2 littlies took me to those same woods to give me a silver pendant of a tree engraved with 'we love you' and  their initials 



Bluebells are apparently already being spotted early this year. 

Is anyone up for the bluebell walk in April, probably second weekend or mid week.??