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First of all, thank you all for your help on my problem with the bamboo my neighbour complained about and want to let you know that they have all been completely removed and she is now happy but, of course, I know I did the right thing!  However, they have left a big space in my front garden and I love ferns so wondered if there are any that are happy to be in the sun all day (when we have it).  They would suit the theme of my garden which is shingle, a few large rocks with a grass beside each them.  I adore Fatsia Japonicas but I understand they don't like too much sun and prefer being sheltered. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you very much. Wendy


I think it is a bit of a myth that ferns have to grow in the shade.  The hedge banks hereabouts are in full sun and grow magnificent ferns.  They also of course grow well in the shade.

Do a search on Ferns for sun and you'll find some helpful sites.  To be honest I always thought ferns preferred shade until I picked one up which said "Full sun" on the label.  I can't remember the name as I was looking for ferns for shady place.


I have a dryopteris affinis that grows in full sun. Mind you I do live in Scotland!


Heather Michaels

I have oodles of ferns growing in the sun. Not full on stonking sun as my garden can be a little shady but when the sun comes up and over the front its very sunny indeed and my ferns grow there quite happily (I have some growing in shade too and they grow very well but to be honest slower than the ones in the sun!). I relocated some from elsewhere and brought some juvenile ones from the garden centre, so long as you don't let any of them dry out in their first year they do just fine.


Depends on variety,,of course, but yes plenty of ferns thrive in hot,dry situations. Not knowing exactly where to put a Dryopteris variety I left it on top of my built compost bin.....for 2 years now actually. No water and partially shaded it looks fine. However, I will locate it somewhere this autumn.

Just check out different ferns because some do need shade and good moisture.....jap painted ferns for example.

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