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I have medium size fern which is at least 8 years old.  Comes up every year, very healthy, as it did this year.  I then noticed something was eating the leaves, couldn't see anything.  We went away for the weekend and low and behold when we came back all I had left was skeletons.  Looking around I noticed the earth was soft at the  crown.  I dug around a there they were lists of little green caterpillars.  What do I do or have I lost the fern

I have never known a fern to be eaten by caterpillars. There are some types of moth that eat bracken, so I suppose it is entirely possible. Wait and see what they turn into ten send us a photo - interesting!

Thanks waterbutts.  I'm not sure how to send a photo are there any instructions?


hi caz, start with the little tree in the tool bar and follow the instructions


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