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I would like to make my own compost to feed my tomatos can I make this either from stinging nettles or sheep droppings if so how do I make it,


What I do is 3/4 fill a container with stinging nettles, not the roots. Cover with water and allow it to sit for 4-6 weeks. It will smell foul but is a great fertiliser for fruit flowers and veg. Don't apply it neat, it needs to be diluted, I'd add about a cupfull to 7ltrs of water.

You can also make some using Comfrey. Good luck.

Alina W

If you want to make compost you will need more ingredients - layers of weeds, twiggy bits, grass cuttings, shredded cardboard etc., into which you can mix your ingredients. Once that has all rotted down you will have a good compost.

Sorry, I was thinking you ment fertiliser not compost.

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