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hi everyone,I bought a fig plant from a garden centre last spring in a pot, it has figs on.I was lucky enough to have a couple ripen.I re potted in to a larger terracotta pot in my cold greenhouse. the leaves are know dying is this normal will it be like an apple tree and shed all it's leaves and should I have in it the largest pot available in my green house ? kev oulton broad lowestoft suffolk ps hope this thread is in the right place as new to this forum. thank you.

flowering rose

from what I have seen they like to grow  next to  a wall and restricted roots and the fruit  I have seen on these .I have miniature one and I know it does not like soggy feet and it does not like too much heat   .keep faith and don't re-pot to often its does not like to much movement.

Hiya Kev

Dont worry.  The plant and,it's leaves are behaving perfectly naturally.

Oh Kev, a very warm welcome to the forum 

Firstly thanks for a great response and warm welcome to everyone.

Verdun thank you I can now relax and let the winter do it's worst.

Flowering Rose I may try another fig outside but I am limited for space as I have packed in a patio raspberries and roses, a wildlife and fish pond , fruit trees and bushes.I love to fit in runnerbeans broad beans also.

Brumbull thanks I will read and digest all this info what more could I ask for having browsed the web here and there I'm glad I ended up here !.Also I have had a dabble with some chilli's this summer and interested in these.

thanks again for the rapid response.


It's very kind of Brumbull to cut and paste so much information from the Reeds Nursery website  - however, he must have failed to read it properly or he would have realised that he had not included their link, so Kev could not respond to their invitation to 


However, I can personally  recommend Reeds Nursery as a reliable supplier of fruit trees and bushes, and you can email Stephen Read for advice via the link on his website


It is good form to credit the author of a piece of information by including a link to their website. 


Kev, there really is no mystery about fig growing. . Figs, ESP Brown Turkey, are tough, hardy plants.  Just forget about it now over winter.  Make sure you water it well next growing season

I often think much of gardenIng....whether its veg, fruit, or  made to seem complicated .  Just imagine reading a manual about walking!  It's a simple, logical awareness thing.  It's meant to be enjoyable  I have learned to experiment too realising there are  successful alternative ways of doing things.  

Oops!  I'll get my coat 

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