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My first iris reticulata 'Cantab' is out in the garden 


crocus,primulas,snowdrops,iris reticulata,hellebores,anemone and daffs


These observations could be put to good use, but it depends on knowing whether they refer to Cornwall or Aberdeen. Phenology is quite a valuable method of amassing a lot of data that might give an indication of climate change and adaptation of organisms. Scientists, conservation bodies, etc, collect such data to help their long-term research. It's simple but effective - a sort of 'people's science'.

Global balding may indeed be a branch of phrenology.

Dee Wizz

Large hardy fuchsia in my back garden still has last year's leaves, as well as new leaves coming, and - unbelievably - 3 or 4 flowers in bud!!  I'm in Folkestone



First Scilla today, many early dafs now opening, Hepaticas and Fuji Cherries, Lonicera Fragrantissima and Bergenia. Seen a couple of flower buds on Geranium Macrorizum too, not open though! Loads of Crocus this week and Pulmonaria in bud, expect flowers by Sunday.

East Mids

good evening. i live in south manchester.

snowdrops, pulmonaria, various crocus, hellebores, cyclamen coum, iris, viola, pansies, limanthes which had self seeded last year. Fever few which has been in bloom continuously since last summer, camelia, tahts about it.

Have a beautiful white camelia in flower now.  Slightly more tender in colder areas but in my neutral soil it thrives beautifully.  Many wallflowers are out now and stocks have been flowering since autumn.  Although I don't have too many large clumps I have numerous small groups of snowdrops all over the garden.  

(I sense a cold spell on its way.....maybe not too bad here....that will hit all these blooms)

Ashleigh 2

Can you post a photo Verdun? I love Camelia, my 'Donation' is smothered in nearly open buds, can't wait! 

Crocus, tete a tete, primulas peeping through. Hellebore in full flower- white. My tulip bulbs are shooting through rapidly.Wallflowers in bud I bought a blue minature iris in Homebase about 6 weeks ago for only £1 and it is already flowering adding a splash of colour. Just thinking of planting some sweet peas now I have rescued my greenhouse! I still have my olive tree covered with fleece but it is looking good in a sheltered spot. Roll on spring and summer.

Still really windy here, dashed outside to pick some primroses from island bed to crystalise to decorate Easter Cupcakes. The primroses seem to have nearly finished. V V early to be over? Tulips well on the way and hydrangeas budding up. Loath to prune them.

Am in Herefordshire and like the rest of you everything is sprouting, including long buds on most of the clematis.  Also found two loads of frog spawn in the pondthis morning, two months earlier than last year!!!  Have to say I have a pink scabious that hasn't stopped flowering at all this winter.  Whats the betting we have a severe cold spell just as the blossom is coming out!!!  Sorry, don't mean to be pessimistic, especially as the sun is shining.

Ashleigh I'm a lazeeeeee guy but must  remember to post a photo.  Posters know I'm not the biggest poster of pics here...get my moments though.  Would love to get one on the camera corner thread though.  

Pottie Pam

Verdun is too modest to post photos of his garden, Ashleigh.

Some branches were snapped off my camelia in the storms so I put them in a vase indoors and they've opened up. There's no sign of colour on the bush outside.

I don't know the name of this one but  I have 'Donation' too and a lovely double white.


We have muscari out and daffs about to bud.


Ashleigh 2

I live in the south east and all I've got is buds and half a crocus, what's going on! I found tiny flower buds on my Clematis The President but it's only a young plant and I was going to prune it hard to hopefully encourage it to send up more shoots from the ground (it only has two at the moment but they're about 7' ) I don't know if I can bring myself to do it 

In S.e. to ; Have left my clematis in bud in tact but the rest have had the valentines day chop .

Have loads of helleborous and niger in flower along with snowdrops,slow to start, but rampaging ahead now. Daffs, primula and flowering cherry (bit early mind you) but no sign of croaks. 

Ashleigh 2

I have been truly converted to Hellebores from this forum so many gorgeous photo's. I love the double ones and the speckled ones, but I've already spent my yearly plant budget  When is the best time to plant them?

Dirty digging _ what type of flowers are the white ones please ? Look stunning 

Here in Pembrokeshire the roadside daffodils have been out since the second week in January in our village - this year they were late as last year they were out at Christmas!

Hellebores and snowdrops in full flower in my garden since the end of January and Camellias since last week.