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Lost my photinia Red Robin to the storms yesterday - up'd sticks and charged off down the garden - all 4ft of it! On extricating the poor soul from the shrubbery spotted my 1st Iris in flower (Wonderful sapphire blue) 1st Daffodil in flower. Definately not open the day before when I was weeding. Such a joy to see the 1st flowers. Anyone else seen their's yet?


We have beautiful sky-blue periwinkles (vinca major) and gorgeous little sweet violets (viola odorata) smiling up at us when the sun shines 


I have my first Helleborus niger that's come back foe a second year and has grown. Feeling chuffed.

lots of snowdrops, aconites and other hellebores. Cyclamen coum and Crocus tommasinianus.

Not quite any narcissi, but some little irises in the cold GH. Hardy enough but I thought they'd drown in their pot outside. 

and a selection of scented winter flowering shrubs.

It will soon be spring (please)

and pulmonaria rubra, lots now and a few other pulmonarias

My Helleborus Niger are nowhere to be found and Cyclamen coum are waving a few pathetic leaves at me! You are so lucky! Just walked the dog and found first dandelion - Ok not a favourite with everyone but so cheerful and great for Dandelion Jam a little later in the year.


I love dandelions 

I've planted so much to keep me cheerful through the winter that I sometimes get flowering gaps later on



The first of my reticulata Irises opened yesterday (pic on David's camera thread) 'Purple Gem'. I've got cyclamen with lots of flowers, white and cream violas, polyanthus which haven't stopped producing flowers since I bought them nearly a year ago, plenty of buds on snowdrops about to open, and the Christmas box (Sarcococca) is flowering away. There's a dianthus which has had several little buds half opened for ages - poor thing's very confused. It's as though it's waiting for just the right moment to open them properly. 


Snowdrops flowering since mid December out the sunny front and just starting in the shadier spots.   Cyclamen in the ground have finished now but the ones in my hanging baskets are still flowering, hellebores starting early and flowering for a couple of weeks now but no flowers yet on crocuses or daffs which are only just poking their noses through.

Seems I'm behind all of you, and I thought it was really early! Still let's face it you can't beat the very first blooms of the season in your own garden. Shows the earth is stirring again despite all the floods and horrors. For budding travellers by the way - Brittany is underwater like Somerset. We were supposed to have a break there last week - Cancelled it and pulled the shutters down! Here in Normandy, we haven't had the floods, but this wind just doesn't stop.

Spotted first completely open daff yesterday (Somerset)......primulas also flowering, viola laboradorica too and one brave crocus - not quite open yet but at least making the effort   Hellebores really looking good......Daphne too tho the wind blows the scent away so quickly. Many perennials have never really died down and already putting on new growth.   

Heard a couple of my frogs calling in the pond yesterday............they usually start on Valentines Day.

Same here with the wind.........going in my greenhouse really makes me nervous even tho stuff needs doing

The first Helleborus orientalis opened today - a nice pink colour. I love to turn them up to see their faces. The winter aconites are a lovely splash of yellow.


Crocus is the first in my garden and what a surprise they were. The former owner must have naturalised them into the lawn beneath our magnolias many years back. Looking forward to see what other suprises the garden has for us.

I have dashed out into the garden between downpours, and spotted some  sweet violets, little pale mauve periwinkles, winter jasmine, self sown primroses (which the mice love) and ivy leaved toadflax in flower.

I have a white hellebore sheltering by the front of the house and hadn't realised that it is smothered in flowers.

I think this is a great thread as you don't realise how much is flowering despite the weather.



The crocus are out and look colourful but theres no sunshine for them to open up unfortunately.


...not much... Daphne, as mentioned on another thread... Camellia 'St Ewe', the first of my 4 Camellias to flower... hated by Monty Don..loved by me...

Iberis sempervirens...the first to flower this year... Sarcococca...Erysimum... that's about it... no Hellebores in my garden, currently...


There are crocuses out on the roadsides and roundabouts in the city, but not here in my garden yet.  Neither are my little irises out yet, but my hellebores are - niger and orientalis 

I fully expect dandelions and hawkbit to make an appearance on my front lawn very soon - I shall have to remove them as the neighbour downwind of me got his groundsman (can't call him a gardener) to make an effort to remove the ones from his lawn last summer 



My Iris 'Katherine Hodgkin' are all flowering. I don't really like them though, too wishy washy for me

Dirty Diggin






Took these this

morning at work

Ashleigh 2

Beautiful photo's, keep them coming, what are the trees?


What lovely pix DD.  Where is the location? My crocus aren't out yet but I've lots that aren't far away and I'm looking forward to them.

I agree totally Fleurisa. Not an Iris I care for at all - insipid colour isn't it?  I have 'Purple Gem' which are deep purple and I've grown 'Pauline' before which is also very dark.  

Dirty Diggin

Thankyou. The trees are 35 year old espalier apple trees of various varieties. Its the garden of the owners from Cleeve Nursery (where i work). I was off to feed the cat in the green house and got carried away with the pictures glad you enjoy them