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I have just purchased a fiskas weed puller and it is great.

It does what it says and so easy to use.

The only problem is it leaves a holes in the lawn but I did plan to reseed it anyway so this is not a problem.


Highland Jeannie

I got one last year (massively reduced in GC) & went mad in the front garden - it was full of holes afterwards!!  I went prepared, though & dropped some soil + grass seed into each one. Now, you can't see where I had been removing.


Hmm, I'd never thought of using one of those, but that sounds effective - might give it a try, thank you both. 

If you have mature weeds and want to use a weedpuller best to use it when the soil is damp and it will pull the whole root out.using it on dry soil somethings the roots snapped

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