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We have a fine example of a flamingo willow some 4.5 foot tall and wide in full bloom and just noticed it has another plant of some sorts growing from its trunk? Has anyone else come accross this before?

Is it all green but with the same shape leaves?


Is it coming from the graft point?  Do you have a photograph.?


I used to work in a garden centre, and saw this problem there.  The pretty variegated top bit is always grafted onto a different rootstock - some sort of plain, ordinary willow I think - to give it stability.  Use secateurs to remove the rogue shoots as close to the stem as possible, and be vigilant - you might find they grow again.

Agree but if you can pull those green bits off so much the better.  Secateurs tends to encourage regrowth.  Most variegated plants throw up plain green shoots now and then....get rid ASAP or the bush will be overwhelmed by the green 



I find that pulling sharply down on the green shoots removes the growing point and helps prevent regrowth. 

It's all in the technique dove......and I do it with style 


Great stuff you two - would love to see you both in action!    Only prob with pulling shoots off is if they're too big & beefy, when they damage the tree stem.  Otherwise, great advice!

In that case cut them off.  I would use a sharp/ Stanley knife

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