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Has anyone else had problems with Flower Magic? I have used nearly a whole container and have only got about 6 plants - mostly rock rose (I think) and 1 enormous plant with variegated leaves and long stems with small yellow flowers. I sprinkled it in a bed which has been weed- free for years and yet since applying Flower magic, I have a carpet of weeds which looks like duck weed.  I have found it a complete waste of money!


 what is this stuff and what's it supposed to do?


Hiya liz

Yes I know about this product but not used it myself.  When did you apply it?  Did you water?

I think it's a product to use in the spring...if you used it recently the,hot, dry weather would have made germination difficult.

I started using is back in April/May before all the hot weather and watered it in and kept watering according to the instructions.  It's supposed to instantly (well within a few weeks) grow a selection of cottage garden flowers but apart from a few flowers, all I have got are weeds which I didn't have before!



The garden centre near me set up test beds with 3 of these things 2 miracle gro and another brand. They seemed overfertilized and a lot of  easy stuff like nigella.  There was no way they were going to look like the advert, with the tall  stuff at the back, and short stuff at the front.  Also they needed some drastic thinning out.


Does that mean you can't get a good garden out of a packet?

nutcutlet wrote (see)

Does that mean you can't get a good garden out of a packet?

you are naughyt nut 

I'd say it could be useful for covering a bare area you're not ready to tackle but it's not something I'd use myself.

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