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What a nice show. I think the garden has enjoyed the rain this year more than the gardener has. My dahlias are looking good and a lavatera hasn't stopped flowering since June.  

Jean Genie

Strewberry, they are lovely dahlias.   I have never been able to grow them as the slugs always seem to get to them but after seeing all the posts and pictures I've decided to have another go next year. Some of the flowers are stunning. My honeysuckle is the only thing that is flowering well - there is also some cobaea that has been planted with it but I've given up now .  Not one solitary flower

Caz W

Strewberry - how do you keep the slugs off those lovely dahlias?  Like Jean, the slugs always win the battle.  I don't like using slug pellets as I have lots of wildlife visitors - maybe if I didn't feed them so much they would eat the slugs!


I have a pretty flowerless garden right now, apart from the Pom pom Dahlias I grew from seed, which turned out well in the end.  (THe first lot got eaten by slugs) Have grown a few perennials from seed ready for early flowering next year.  Hopefully much more colour next year.


Thanks guys , I am sorry to say we use slug pellets .But we only use it once .Because we plant so much the slugs gets fed up and move on to something else .We always seem to have more yellow than the others.






 Plants still looking good.

flowering rose

one word Fantastic! what a joy to behold,don't know your secret but that is lovely.

Your fuchsia is absolutely fabulously.


A lot of hard work ,but we would not have it any other way . Love my garden and love gardening......






 Just a few more of my lovely garden 

Strewberry your pics are inspiring, shows what can be done. I have a terrible slug and snail problem with no response to organic slug pellets. I think the slugs gobble them up too. Few thrushes and hedgehogs now, I put loads of slugs into my recycling bin but I think they find their way home again!

Caz W

What is your secret to getting such lovely fuchsia plants in pots? What do you feed them with - they look so healthy?

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