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Deanos Diggin It

At this time of year, on the midst of winter setting in,  I get "Bored" and look for something to pull me through to the lighter and warmer day's of "Spring" 

After watching "Tom Hark-Dyke's" revival on house plants! I picked up a few "Bromliad's" (Air plant's) To a fashion! 

Now they say It doesn't need root's! But these have!

 Would love to "Mount them on some nice "Drift Wood" I have stashed! 

Just wondered if any body as had a "Bash" before? 

Just a Sucker for summat different! 



Bromeliads are not Air Plants as far as I am aware, you need to look for Tillandsia.
Deanos Diggin It

Cheers iGrow!

 Terrestrial species are found growing in the ground (the way we expect most plants to grow). They may be found growing in bright sun along sandy beaches to the shady understory of a forest among the leaf litter and debris.Saxicolous species are found growing on rocks. They may grow on hard rocky outcrops where their roots may penetrate cracks and fissures to locate moisture or organic nutrients or sometimes they are found growing tenuously on sheer cliff faces. Epiphytic species are found growing on other plants, usually trees, shrubs or cactus but somtimes they can be found on telephone poles or even on the telephone lines themselves. This capability to take their nutrition and moisture from the atmosphere has earned these bromeliads the name “Air Plants”.


Seem's a little more research as to the "Species" I picked up would have paid dividends!

All is not lost! I have a cunning plan!

But many thanks for your reply!

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