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Gloves? What are they????  Hate it when I can't feel what I'm touching in the garden..that sounds quite rude doesn't it? Discodave- have you tried one of the Borat ones? Maybe I could send you a kilt   Those brambles are a b&*$*!

For cheap fleeces, try Makro (you must know someone who has a card, or maybe get your work to sign up), very cheap, but very thick and warm.  You could even try the regatta outlet on ebay, their fleeces are a lot thinner, so you can layer up.  If you've a JTF nearby they always have fleeces in for less than a tenner.

o god fg how do ur nails manage. i still have nails and cant bear mud underneath them. i am just picturing discodave in a mankini!! hope he has no overlooking neighbours!!



Jeans sometimes with thermals underneath boots generally, wellys when i'm going in the muddy bits. Usually a hat or a hoody top to keep my head warm in the cold and not burnt in the heat. layers are good sometimes waterproof trousers and jacket (ex nato) good for wind and rain, gloves mainly for thorny jobs only.   


Knee pads; can't live without them! Just bought a new pair from B&Q, the brand is JCB (not kidding) they were about £10 and they are the most comfortable ones I've ever had (and I've been wearing knee pads for work for the last 35/40 years) I have skinny legs and knee pads are not really designed for skinny female legs, but these work!

Just spent 4 hours in the garden with a wooly hat pulled down over my ears, bliss


Muckboot clogs ( neoprene lining), thermals, whatever jeans are to hand, huge hairy jumper/ heavy duty fleece, gilet, fleece bandanna, kneepads and gloves.
Bloke rolls his eyes upwards if he pitches up when I'm in gardening mode.
I wonder why?

Here you go EvergreenQueen, its a bit like this

 My neighbours love it when I garden.. 


mountain equipment fleece, craghopper kiwi bottoms waterproofs and serious gloves!! thermal all the way at this time of year in the highlands!!!!

@ discodave - which bit?

haha dicodave dinna think so!! if that man was anywhere near my garden he would be full of ticks and midge bites!!


lol, couple of years ago my neighbour asked me if I'd got a new gardener, she'd spent 2 hours at her upstairs window watching him mow the lawn with his shirt off in a pair of shorts. She had  even said to her husband that she needed some help in her garden and that she was going to ask me for his contact details. You should have seen her face  when I introduced her to him, it was my OH.. 



I nearly choked on my tea! Dave- that's the best laugh I've had in ages! Is the 'neckerchief' a particular horticultural brand?  And I don't think that fork has ever been anywhere near a hardy perennial....Actually I'm beginning to wonder if all the women on this thread are  'frustrated' if you get my drift!!! EQueen- I don't much care about my nails as they've had a lifetime of horses, gardens and diy so I gave up on them a long time ago!

aahh thats a shame a women needs a wee bit o nail. hope im not frustrated F.G how would i know????


and discodave do u have that guys number handy???


Oooh that young man would catch his death of cold with the weather we've been having lately. I have read that some folk garden naked but whilst that may be fine for the young and firm I wouldn't want to drag my saggy dimpled flesh around the border...


Apart from trusty wellies or clogs if it's particularly muddy I just garden in what I have on at the time...if it's cold I do have an old fleece of OH's that I've pinched. I often get waylaid by a bit of weeding or dead heading when I'm heading for the bird table of a sometimes I garden in my dressing gown...and in the summer I often garden barefoot....I love feeling the warm soft earth between my toes.

I only wear gloves if I remember...and have been caught out more than once when sleepy wasps have crawled into gloves to have a doze in the autumn...ouch.

aahh C someone found me sleeping in my garden in my "hoosie"(dressing gown). think i was gardening in my sleep.....

Gardening Grandma

If you had two dogs who poo in the borders, as I have, you too would wear waterproof gloves! I always garden in gloves. Otherwise, I wear what I put on in the morning and if I dressed up to go out, so be it, I wear my posh clothes for gardening. Mind you, an evening skirt looks pretty stupid with gardening boots.

dont ur dogs poo when u walk them GG? then u pick it up. too much to do in the garden save dodging dog poo..x