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Hi all - don't know if this will work! I contacted Daniel about the probs on the forum with posts not showing up. He's sent a message back but I can't open it! All I could read was a bit of the first line. Hopefully they will get things sorted soon.

I can't read anything even with refreshing the pages like we did last time 

We are up the creek here too. Sign in only to find that when I go to forum I'm signed out. But I'm signed in for other stuff like offers. Weird.


My internet wasn't working until about  one pm. Now the forums up the spout.

Heather Michaels

I had exactly the same trouble Waterbutts. Started yesterday about mid afternoon. Seems to have resolved itself now (I hope, otherwise I'm typing this to no-one but myself! 


Its driving me up the wall, how can i live upto my name?




Have just posted 2 questions on the 'plants' bit of the forum, but neither if them are visible. I wondered whether there might be a time lag (have only posted once before, a while ago) so wasn't sure if this was normal. Reading all your comments, I guess it's not!


Has anyone notice a lack of contacts point on GW  like problem solving,site hiccups,

unable to sign in e.t.c

Heather Michaels

Still having trouble. Can't upload lovely new profile pic sent to me by Diddy (thanks Dave!). Having trouble getting anything to update (latest new discussion on here is one from mid afternoon yesterday) and I'm often typing completely to myself as the updates aren't working properly. Hope they sort it out soon. Maybe by then I'll have a lovely pic instead of a featureless face!


They're hoping to get it sorted by end of today (Thursday) so don't give up hope all ye who enter here!! 

I clear  my history first then it seems to work if I do ctrl + f5. A pain though.


i am still finding they are not updating.. getting me

Daniel Haynes

Hello everyone,

An update on the caching problems with the site: I'm afraid we're not quite there with a full fix on this yet. The tech team needs to tinker a bit further before we're properly up and running again. Apologies - I was hopeful we'd have a full fix by the end of today.

I'll be given an update late morning (Friday 27th), so I'll pass on any information as I have it.

In the meantime, annoying though it is, please refresh your browser, by simultaneously clicking Ctrl and F5 on a PC, or Shift, Cmd and R on mac to update the forum lists and your private message list. Alternatively, on an iPad, do this via Settings Safari. (Unfortunately, if a full refresh isn't working for anyone, there's nothing more we can do until the tech team fix.)

If you need any further help, it's best to drop us a line at rather than private messaging, as some of you are having trouble picking up responses. We'll pick up emails in the morning and get back to you.

Fingers crossed for better news tomorrow.

Daniel Haynes


hollie hock

It's a shame things aren't working, Cltl and F5 makes no difference, neither does clearing one's history...........think I'm going to leave it for now and come back in a few days to see if things have improved...........I might be talking to myself, thats ok, I'm the one person that makes sense to me

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