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Verdun, I will have to give your name some thought.  It doesn't give much away. Will have to try and work something out from the beautiful photos of your garden. Is there any connection between your name and France or am I totally off course?

Ike overdid it 4 years ago, I'm afraid.  Apart from the colours, yes to all. Keep saying, brain still 21.

Used to go for bright colours personally and in the garden, but now go for something more subtle, heather shades being my favourite. 

Would only tag 'simply the best' to work, cos I was blooming good and have no qualms about saying so.

Well done.


Verdun - lovely gorge - gorgeous? Mine? Definitely not Heidi, no plaits!

Verdun - I walked the First World War battlefield and cemetery in Verdun in N.E France - such a sad experience. Not at all how you sound, so what's the story?

If I remember correctly Verdun, you said you were named for a relative who  was lost there? 



I'm saying nothing!!!  I couldn't think of anything hence the daft name. As Paul Simon said 'you can call me Al' ... but I am a girl...well ,an old one Tina - have you got the Freddy moustache and you're really just keeping quiet about it..Bev I meant to ask before but your surname fascinates me -where is the origin?

My post name came after the best of three falls with the sign up page when nothing I put in would pass muster, having brought up some pictures seeing one that brought back memories I put it in and bang was signed up.
Cannot get an avatar on so gave up trying. Frank is one of my real names, does that make me shy and retiring???



No not at all Frank, I bet you were a whizz on the dance floor, gave them GI's a run for their money! which palais did you frequent?

The potty gardener

Fairygirl- I have a totally unique surname

The Pounsett is my dad's name. Anyone with a surname Pounsett in this country is related to me. There are also branches of the family in Australia and Canada.

The Krynauw is from my third husband and he came from South Africa.

In school I am generally known as Mrs P-K

Must admit on Internet dating sites I don't use my real name!!!!


Fairygirl, I love your name.  It makes you sound terribly dainty and frivolous.

No, haven't developed the Freddie Mercury moustache - yet - but I think it's something old ladies have to look forward to. 

Bev. you dark horse.  1 was enough for me!  And (bad grammar), you're still trying. 

You sound like the landed gentry. Best I doff my hat in future - if I had one.


OOOOOO, I do feel good to hear and note that the forum members are so diverse. I' m so happy that I found this lovely forum


Mine doesn't take that much working out. My real name's fi***g**ra*t.

Lyn, are you with some TV programme set up. I was contacted tonight by the local History section asking me if I will tell some of my stories about dancing to a network TV unit. Been there done that with the BBC so the answer is no.
GI's had gone off to the Pacific war still going on when I started going to the big boys dances, we had Canadian's from the local Bomber Squadrons to compete with, great lads and Stockton was little Canada for them, we took them home for meals and some home comfort after all most were not that much older than me,
My parents danced in competition and took me all dolled up as the baby sitter would not look after the wild boy as she called me. Older women got me up to dance between the competitions and I was a fast learner. We had school hall and church hall dances, always crowded with boys and girls. I became probably the youngest MC ever at the Cadet Dances once a month, "Marjory will dance with me as we lead off the Chrysanthemum Waltz" and as the band struck up we would really lead off the dancers young and old until the circle was formed, yes I could dance and had no shortage of partners, in the Palais many of them married missing husbands in the forces, I was safe, maybe. The lads said I could smell a dance from fifty miles away and danced in many of the largest halls, London Blackpool and lots in-between plus of course Bridgend (I put that one in for Gardening Grandma).
No dancing these days it would be the Zimmer frame Waltz very slowly, well not quite that bad but I did think of forming a dance group from those little electric scooters that yap at your heels in Town Centres. Like the pied piper of Hamle I would lead them into the river.



I would like to use a new name for use on this site. any ideas? I am mid 50s, recently retired doctor. Fat, bald love gardening more than anything [ except my wife ] and am a bit of an old punk

Hey nut. ...I thought you were a "he"....better be more respectful,towards you from now on...ha ha
Tina I got you pretty well then. Verdun is my middle name from my legend of an uncle I never met but wish I had.
Rosa...Got you reasonably well too!
Dmball ..further to above, my uncle Verdun was named after that place Verdun for some reason. I know it was a bloody battle there. I like the name's not Vernon or Verdon, both of which are great names but I feel it carries something???
Palaisglide, I imagine a Len Goodman type...debonaire and cultured. How's that for sucking up? about you? Any info we should know about you? Your picture shows a fox so no clue there....or is there?



Any inspiration here?

Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair
In seventy-seven and sixty-nine revolution was in the air
I was born too late into a world that doesn't care
Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair


So figrat, you're named after one of a group of opera dancers?

My forum nym is pretty boring.  Like Frank, I had a few fails when signing up on the old BBC gardening board, at the time 'Bob The Builder' came to TV, and this one wasn't taken.  Some folk call me that anyway in 'real life'.

I know my writing style usually comes across as a bit formal, but I do have a good SOH and often find myself having a good old giggle when reading some of these threads!


Nigel why not just be Punkdoc 


This was @ nigelcoad

figrat wrote (see)

Any inspiration here?

Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair
In seventy-seven and sixty-nine revolution was in the air
I was born too late into a world that doesn't care
Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair


...oh sound like a mischievous scampy fellow.
Nigelcoad .....well, you're looking for a new name and you've given some clues. Maybe someone will come up with some suggestions.
Me? I'm hyper, serious, mischievous...always cracking silly jokes ( the more nervous i am the more assinine the jokes are) im outspoken but shy, passionate about matters and people dear to me, bit of a perfectionist ....although knowing I'm far, far, far from perfect. Get angry, often rowing, am opinionated, getting old but still think I'm young, and get relaxed with my plants. Tha, Tha, that's all folks!