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Dmball, not too far from st Ives I guess. Born in a castle? Do we Need to call you sir? I agree with FloBear, Pentillie is a good forum name
That road you describe..Zennor, cape Cornwall etc is bit wild, windy and inhospitable to plants although in that area a relatively well known garden has been created.
Maud, so we have learned something g about you too today!
Nigelcoad now punkdoc? That's more interesting. I imagine your colour schemes will now dramatically change to shock!

Punkdoc - yesss!!!

Had many names on various boards over the eleven years of posting even once had the title of Researcher for BBC, a group of us corrected misinformation about the war and there was plenty of that.
Once thought of calling myself Pendennis after a Castle overlooking Falmouth, we set up camp there for a week to close the cliff walk for one day, it was military land and the one day closure kept it that way. spent a lot of time in Loe, a lovely area lovely girls what more is there to say.
The Palaisglide was a tempory measure but seems to have stuck as for being like Len Goodman "ahem" the cockney sparrow I ain't, tall I am, light on my feet still, dance no longer, no urge to.


Gardening Grandma

This is all very interesting! I've learnt a few first names and about the places you love. I'm a bit scared to give my usual name because I've disclosed so much about myself on this forum already (I always was an open book, probably a bit naive) that anybody local with half a brain could work out who I am. Not that it matters to me, but I'll probably find out from my cautious OH that it was a very bad idea for some reason that hasn't even occurred to me!



Gardening Grandma

Too latein my case, Woodgreen. I'm the kind of person that always spills the beans.


Verdun. I have always been a bit of a fan of Christopher Lloyds clashing colour schemes and I think these will fit in well with my new nom de plume.

punkdoc wrote (see)

Verdun. I have always been a bit of a fan of Christopher Lloyds clashing colour schemes and I think these will fit in well with my new nom de plume.

Love the new name Nigel  and love Mr Lloyd too. We should all follow his example and be a bit braver with our planting. I love really strong pinks and hot oranges and not pale pastels. The strong colours work particularly well with architectural grasses and jungly plants. GG - it does stop raining in Scotland sometimes - honest!!! I'll tell you which day it is this yearand you can hotfoot it up here 

Gardening Grandma

Thanks, Fairygirl! Doesn't actually stop raining much in Wales, either... (I'm tempted to add, But at least we haven't got as much heather, but perhaps that is a bit rude - and boy, would I be making myself vulnerable if I were rude! )

Done! Dmball is now Pentillie! Gorthugher da!

Much nicer sounding than Dmball, I think


OK Pentillie, you'll have to translate the alien tongue. Please

Gardening Grandma wrote (see)

Thanks, Fairygirl! Doesn't actually stop raining much in Wales, either... (I'm tempted to add, But at least we haven't got as much heather, but perhaps that is a bit rude - and boy, would I be making myself vulnerable if I were rude! )

GG I don't much care for the 'bonny heather' either - oh dear!!! It must be the English half of me coming out The funny thing is my London born Dad loved it and loved Scotland. I guess he wouldn't have lived here most of his life if he hadn't! When you're up hills though it can look terrific but hellish to walk through !

Mine's easy.  I'm a Mummy (two ankle biters), and EVERYONE in the house seems to have Muddy Paws (Children, Husband, Dog and Myself).  So I'm always cleaning the kitchen floor, and Mummy Muddy Paws is far better than Mrs Mop.

Used to have two dogs, had to have one PTS this time last year, she was a rescue and I still miss her - we had an almost telepathic link, I could look at her and know what she wanted.  She'd also been ill-treated, we don't know who by (Father-in-Law originally rescued her, and we inherited her when he died).  One night I took my big leather belt out of my jeans, and she was away, I eventually found her trying to get behind the sofa, trembling all over - it took me nearly an hour to calm her down.  If I ever found out who did that to her, I'd handcuff them to my car and go for a little drive - down the M1 motorway.  She was a German Shepherd Dog, and VERY intelligent, so whoever mistreated her must've been really thick.

So now I'm down to 1 dog (would love another one, but can't reallly afford it), Max is another rescue, we think he just outgrew his welcome, not an ounce of malice in him, very protective of me & the family (when I got pregnant with sprog #1, he started sleeping behind the front door).  Bracken had to be removed from the room when the midwife wanted to take blood, she was sitting between us, showing the midwife lots of teeth!  We've never had a bad rescue dog, but ours is a forever home, there aren't many rules and once dogs get their head around them, all is harmony (Don't bite the children, don't growl at anyone - I'm the only one allowed to growl, don't steal food - this can be flexible at times, Don't chew things that aren't yours, Don't raid the bin - if you do you'll find pepper in there next time)  In return they get love, food, walks, care, and a bed that the children aren't allowed near, so when he's had enough of them, he goes and hides in his bed.

You might have guessed, I'm a Dog Lover, and am likely to bite people who are nasty to them.

FloBear sorry, means Good evening!




 Awww! This is the first time I saw Penny. The local rag had a full page spread 'Give these dogs a loving home'. I saw her face, and instantly fell in love! I drove to Taunton RSPCA the next day, and met her. It was near Xmas 2000, and they wouldn't let any pets go out until after the celebrations. After the home visit (to check I didn't have dalmatian pelts nailed to the wall etc) I went to collect her just after New Year. They brought her into reception, she took one look at me, wagged her tail and threw up. And continued to throw up in the back of the car for the 40 mile trip to her new home.

It took about a year for her to settle down, and sometimes she just used to sit and shake and tremble for no apparent reason. And if I went near her with a bag or anything in my hand, she would cower.

We've had loads of adventures together, even going sailing - she used to get seasick, first time I've seen a dog go green!

She's a grand old lady now, sweet 16, deaf as a post and with cataracts. She can't manage long walks any more, but I take her downtown every day, and she has a round of shops she likes to visit - the local hardware store keeps a supply of gravy bones, so she nudges her way in there for a treat. And I'm amazed still that every time we go out, some stranger will stop and say 'What a beautiful dog'. She's such a flirt she'll play along with it.

I will be heartbroken whe she passes.


MM Paws, I've always liked your name

Rescue doggy stories always get me hooked. I'm on my fifth - or sixth if I count my partner's dog. Saddest I've had are the puppy farm bitches (dear departed Flo was my second) who never completely get over their traumatic start in life. I've fostered 2 and a half collies (one was cross lab.) and fell in love with the breed. I would love one of my own when I have room!


Penny's a red setter/border collie cross. Fortunately she's got a collie brain and a red setter's looks.


My connection went ping just as I was about to add...

Thanks Pentillie for the translaion. I guessed something along thse lines 


My Oscar is a rescue. we had him at just under 3 years old and he has now been with us for 10 years. When we first had him we had to learn his words. One day I said to my daughter 'OH give me a hug' and dog launched himself on my lap. If you can see the size of him you will realise it was a shock.He also, even after all this time cannot bear to see anyone in tears.

I understand he went through a marriage break up which was very  traumatic. we had him after I saw an advert for a rehoming charity and thought he sounded nice. 3 weeks later he was advertised again so we had him - cross between a springer spaniel and a border collie. Highly intelligent and THE best dog i have ever owned