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Sorry that has nothing to do with forum names.


What a kind person you must be MummyMP, and you too figrat.

I often wonder who buys all these dogs that are being bred nonstop, the newpapers and online sites are full of them, particularly chihuahuas and yorkies seem to be multiplying like crazy, and many coming from dog farms from the Eastern Bloc and sold on roadside parking lots etc. all over Europe, it makes me sick!

I would love to take on an elderly (like me) rescue dog, but one of our old cats is petrified of dogs so wouldn't put him through that. And by the time they both pass away I'll probably need a zimmer-frame and will be too old to walk a dog!

Caz W

But they're all such lovely doggy stories anyway and I enjoyed reading them!

What have I done? Everyone is changing their forum names.....but what an improvement.
Mummymuddypaws, I share your anger about treatment of dogs. And I speak out about it too when I see it. Not so long ago this guy beat his dog with his lead when it did not come to him when called. I yanked his lead from his hand and asked him if he knew how painful it would be to,his dog and would he like me to demonstrate on him?
My dog is never hit, shouted at or frightened by me. He responds by sheer love n loyalty.
Maybe I should,change my name to Angry man........


Puncdoc, I too love Christopher Lloyd. He seemed such a gentleman too but his style of writing was inspiring.
So puncdoc, all bright, clashing colours now and elton John specs??
Highland Jeannie

I'm very unimaginative (still trying to plan the garden 2.5 years after moving in) & thought that including my location would save me needing to refer to it when I posted & I'm called Jean (surprise surprise!!)

If we are named for our gardens then I would be "ad hoc" with a few standard bushes the style changes by the year or even the season. When I planted red white and blue borders, lots of them, for an anniversary my minimalist Daughter went "ugh" people passing stopped and commented mostly favourable and the same borders appeared around the estate.
I love looking at gardens although trying to copy them to me is silly, I have my own style and likes, Christopher Lloyd was a one off who took many years to get the form and planting of his garden to his tastes and now the Gardener tries to keep the style but admitted it is very hard to do.
Jeannie, what ever you have is yours, if it annoyed you you would not still be planning it, it would be done, I moved into a new build detached 30 years ago and worked until I ached to change it from the lawn back front and sides to a garden i could live with. That has had many make overs as the years rolled on and that is what we gardeners do, we complete a project sit down with a glass in our hands look at it and see how it could be done differently and so away we go spade and fork flying plants being moved so many times they do not unpack their suit cases.
As long as we are reasonable pleased with our efforts then that is success.

Random ad hoc Frank.

Highland Jennie, we know you are in Scotland, called Jean and still planning and processing your garden. You are also very modest....saying you are "unimaginative"....and people like that.
How big is your garden? Do you have a style you hanker for?
Your location suggests a hostile environment yet on some of your weather posts the temperatures are often pretty good. So, maybe in the west? Maybe,getting the gulf stream as we do,down here?

Thanks for the comments everyone.  I don't think I'm particularly kind (I'm certainly not unkind), I just annoys me when something that's clearly very intelligent has a two-legs on the other end of the lead who doesn't speak dog and expects the dog to know english, and has an IQ that struggles to get into two figures.  I'm a big fan of Mick Martin from Dog Borstal, he might have the language of a Navvy, but boy, can he speak dog.  I'm also a Yorkshirewoman, so why pay megabucks for a dog when you can get one for less than £100 that has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.  They're also normally aware that they've been given a second chance, and respond really well when they know where they are (at the bottom of the pack, where they should be).

Guess because I've been bought up with dogs, I can read them really well, and have a problem with people who can't be bothered to understand them.


Just changed mine for seasonal reasons - kept the Rosa for identification

Very appropriate - you've probably answered this question at another time, but are you Italian, Rosa?

Not a drop of italian blood - but doesn't rosa carriola sound better than pink wheelbarrow 

Now rosa pulcino - and it's seasonal 


I think my forum name is self explanatary....


Happy Easter seasonal chick!
Pink wheelbarrow, where are you? No, rosa pulcino is better
Cheerypeabrain, I can imagine a caricature of you. Make a good cartoon. Ha ha


Sorry......and to everybody else out there!

I have a seasonal name for the hols. Like Bjay, I'm keeping the first bit to avoid utter confusion (on my part, of course  )