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27 for the second time around. I got divorced at 40 and then started to live a new life.


I asked FB as my son, a drummer, did, well still does, drive me to distraction with his fidgeting and tapping.  Was horrendous when he was in the bedroom over the sitting room.

FG .


My dad was a bus driver. What he hated was someone sitting upstairs over the drivers cab, tapping his feet.

I just can't sit and do nothing. In the evening I have a laptop on my knee while I watch TV. Being stuck indoors when it's raining is murder.

After a stressful day at work, I am inclined to have a wander around the garden, with a glass of white wine in hand, mentally making a list of jobs to do. In winter, we like to go diving. I record as much as I can then edit it down to make our own holiday videos ( Blue movies !!).  I am interested in all sorts of wildlife  and biological sciences.


...I'm changing my name to 'kitchen spam'... I think it's fairly topical... and I always seem to have a tin of luncheon meat in the cupboard...

I wonder what happened to members from the old forum... 'rosalba' I recall, always asking about roses but never seemed quite satisfied... 'DeeDee' who gardened in Cornwall I think... 'Rhoda Dendron' [why didn't I think of that..?]...'plocket'..?  names that seemed very familiar at one time...

I think mayI have done a similar thread before......simply cannot remember. It just struck me last week how intriguing the names are of the posters now amd felt it nice to ask the question.

Fidgetbones ......a bit of a Cornish guy then?  Know those places so well.  So, you,think I am JC then Fairygirl?   

When I first joined the forum I used my real name Christopher.  Then I was "trolled".....just as Brumbull was few months back (hey, come back Brum. Your wit is badly missed).  Someone used my name and made it difficult for me to continue. But, like a bad penny, I came back.  Verdun is a family name with a nice story behind it.  



I'm Swiss and my name is Sue, how do you do!

Yes Brumbull, where are you, hope you are OK!


We did do a thread like this long ago on the old forum, quite a few of the people from there came over here - maybe many of them changed their names?  Couldn't begin to recall who started it there, there were some fun asnwers though.

Like so many I didn't really think yoo much about my 'gardening' name - just to say my beloved dog (now in doggy heaven) was called Mutley and the 200 - well sometimes after a day in the garden I feel 200!!

there is no funny story behind mine, it's my nickname which is shorten from my surname.


I chose mine because the day I sign up to the Beeb board that is what my fork looked like and I could see out side the window.  No imagination


Verdun, you did - in March. Went off on a slightly different tangent though. I posted on it too so, although I am correct in saying it was covered on Beeb as Bookertoo has said, I had forgotten about your one.  Just happened to notice it whilst looking for something else I posted on some time ago.  I am beginning to get worried.

Yes, I remember that must have beeb quite an upsetting time for you Verdun.  Well, I found it uncomfortable anyway.

Better not change my name again otherwise I might start arguing with myself.



Think I'd better change mine, it's quite boring compared to some on here!!!


Mine's from one of my  favourite songs, not very original but there you go, probably like it's user!!  

Singy wrote (see)

there is no funny story behind mine, it's my nickname which is shorten from my surname.

That's ruined my image of you pottering around the garden singing to yourself!


I remember talking about this before, too. Mine's obvious, I'm called Liz and my garden is a big too big to cope with so I'm always Busy. What a shame Busy-Lizzies got that fungal disease, though the ones I buy in France are OK.



mine came about because i was going to use our house name and my own name but it was the first time i had ever joined a forum and i decided i might get stalked so i am ann but not little. i used the bbc forum and went on two northern borders days out, one to Harlow carr and the other to bluebell nursery.


after my dad and grandad . they taught me  a lot . my ancesters were gardeners in the halls of cheshire . 

The potty gardener

Well what can I say about mine  I obviously have no imagination.

Funnily enough at school I'm rarely called my name. Always referred to as Mrs P-K. Children sometimes write Mrs Pee Kay


But you have such a wonderful name Bev. I'd love to change mine to the name of a teacher at my girls' school. Dr. Steingelhammer  with a schhh sound

Souds like a character from a Mel Brooks film!