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OH calls me nutcutlet. A term of endearment? Nut may be closer to the truth. The pic is me sitting in the garden


Garlic bread..Mrs. Pete Kay...soz Bev

I'm KEF as I was thinking of a Greek Island and Thassos, Tilos. Lipsy ( Oh no! ) I thought of Kefalonia. Still think MuckMagnet more apt. 


my picture is with my grandaughter mahinur on christmas eve spreading  magic dust for santa to find our house


Ooh Fidget - is that Derek Tangy land that you're in.  I adore his books.

My mum and dad call me Tootles and have done since I was a baby, despite christening me Ruth!  I'm 37 now and they still call Tootles.  My better half calls me T-Bone.  I have no idea why!


Verdun, I think you ought to change your name to Poppy Fields, just to really confuse people!!

In other fora (or is it forums?), I am known as LetsOffRoad and The Ant Hill Mob.  It was suggested I change my name to Ant Hill Blues when I got married to Range Rover Blues.

Now I think I'd be Zarking Fardwarks.

Well, I have enjoyed this thread immensely.  And it reveals the humour, wit and mischief of everyone.  Great stuff.  Poppy fields....???


I have another name for online gaming (which I do in the winter) you tube, and other forums I used to frequent, but decided that one didn't sum up what I was really about when it came to gardening.  I love daisies, anything from the genus Asteraecae.  Although my garden has other types of plants, my ambition is one day to have a garden full of the daisy family (and a few roses, delphiniums, lupins, peonies, geraniums, Daphnes, oh the list is endless!)  It's amazing what is in the daisy family, it's huge and gives flowers all year round.  OK I'll stop now!

break23 wrote (see)

I often try and imagine what the person looks like from the name they use.  I just knew dovefromabove was female until recently when HE made a comment that proved the opposite.

Whatever did I say?

I chose my name because as I was registering our garden was full of Collared Doves, and we love Reeves & Mortimer - it seemed to fit  and at least it hadn't been bagged by someone else 


Mine is very boring, I support a football team who play in blue and my name is Janet.  I now wish I had taken the time to think of something else.

Well really are a daisy head   It's a huge family.  Big loss if we didn't have them in our garden.  Your dream garden sounds wonderful....I'm sure you  will get it.  Your forum name then is ideal.  


Long Story so I hope you are sat comfortable.  Many years ago ( about a hundred) I use to be GEM - Good earth mother, so called because a friend suggested it, she felt I was the total oposite to her, I grow veg, keep chicken, make bread/jam etc she buys all that from the supermarket so she doesn't chip her nails -(you wouldn't believe we are best friends !!).  Anyway it wouldn't take earthmother so I added the Good, because I do try to be .

When the powers that be decided we all had to resign on it wouldn't let me use my old name, and so I used the name my father always called me KatieJane ( my real name is Katherine Jane ...... ).

So there you go, and we all lived happy ever after .

Katiejane (gem)



There seems to be some confusion. I am a she not a he. Well , last time I went in Bravissimo I was anyway.

I live in the East midlands, where the various strands of my  extended family have lived for at least 200 years.

I love Cornwall, and If I win the lottery I would probably relocate down there. But until then I have to make do with holidays. I have spent a lot of time diving in Cornwall and on windy days when It is not fit to go out in a boat, I have visited a lot of cornish gardens, and spent a lot of money in cornish nurseries on "hardy " plants that are anything but when you live North of the Trent.

Sorry Fidgetbones....I always get he's mixed up with the she's. Thought you were a guy too

Agree it's a bit naughty when nurseries down here sell plants as hardy but they are prob only hardy here.  Glad you enjoy Cornwall.  Fidgetbones is still brilliant name ...even for a


Verdun's led a very sheltered life.


TinaTurner wrote (see)

Verdun's led a very sheltered life.


Makes me think of the episode of Father Ted where all of the priests get lost in the ladies' underwear department.  Question is, which one is Verdun??

"Ah" Katie Jane, dreams, when I retired I said it would be nice to live beside the sea Saltburn Whitby scarborough? Joan looked at me in horror and said "what leave all our friends and family? move to where we are not known"? and about that time some friends who had moved to Devon came back home. They had moved into a village and sharp realised they would be out-comers for the rest of their lives and gave up.
Our dreams can become nightmares more so if a partner becomes ill or worse.

For a long time I thought Verdun was a Lady bird and by some of the posts a fiesty one at that, being male explains it all we are just blunt.
Oh well washing to hang out so must fly.


I aint no lady

MMP and Tina......well, I am a bit sssssssssshy.


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