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Hello fellow gardeners,

I'm new to this blog. I have been reading the forum for a long time and only recently joined. I'd like to thank past/present gardeners for all the interesting blog and useful tips/information I have learnt in the past.


A very warm welcome fluffy cloud.

Welcome, this place is incredibly useful, even though I know quite a bit, there is always more to learn and some very nice people


Hi Fluffy Cloud 


Hello and welcome fluffy cloud.  Apparently I'm the cake eater but never get any.  It's,ok, I don't mind....well, not really I suppose 


Me too


And me, Fluffy Cloud (nice name) welcome. What is your sort of gardening?

No expert

Hope it's vegetables. We need more vegetables. Sorry that doesn't sound too complimentary does it. I mean vegetable growers.

The potty gardener

Evening Fluffy Cloud. Your name sounds so lovely and cosy. Like others have said there is always someone on here to answer any questions

Thanks all. Love reading the blogs. So much experience out there.

Hi Busy-Lizzie..aiming for a cottage style garden...combination of trees for small gardens, shrubs, roases, grasses, perenials, really anything that takes my fancy.



Fluffy Cloud wrote (see)

 really anything that takes my fancy.


That's the essence of creating a cottage garden, Fluffy, so you won't go far wrong!

Thanks Bob The Gardener for your encouraging words.I'm finding my way around the plant kingdom.


Lots of it to explore Fluffy  and we never stop learning!   

And to keep No expert happy, you could try growing a few veg amongst the flowers; that would be a real cottage garden - nothing can compete with a wigwam of scarlet flowered runner beans with their dark green heart-shaped leaves - when they were first introduced to the UK it was as an ornamental!  And whenever I see them I just want to draw them 

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