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Is it me or are we paying more than the items are worth when we are offered free stuff and have to pay rather a lot of Postage.  £5.60 for some bulbs.......

All you can do is check the normal selling price and make your own decision. 

In my opinion all of these so called free offers are nothing but a con.  Take this months issue of grow your own magazine with 3 raspberry canes and a packet of fertiliser worth £19.98 !!!  Really , only £6 each for raspberry canes must make them the dearest in britain.


I agree Mark, I found some good plants in supermarkets, never mind in GSs or in P&P offers but we are seduced by the psycology used in ads!


Speak for yourself  I only buy such offers if they're for plants I'm looking for anyway.   I took advantage of the recent perennial plugs offer as they're just what I'll need for the new border next spring.  I've not taken up any of the others as they're not what I need.  

I also take into account the fuel I would use if I had to drive somewhere that I don't usually go to fetch them.   I'm a bit picky about specific varieties - I think most of us on here are - and you  don't get the more unusual plants just anywhere.

As for the plants in supermarkets etc, I've frequently seen good bedding plants newly on display, but after they've been either in the bright sunshine and unwatered for a week, or in a shady corner and drenched with water every day, none of them are worth bothering with.  

Tender bedding plants are frequently in the supermarkets much too early and I've known people buy them 'because they're there' and plant them out and lose the lot to frost and not understand why, and go back and buy some more!  The supermarkets rely on it!



Agree with Dove,you pay your money and make your choice.

I have had some good supermarket buys,but they have usually required  more TLC than usual.


These companies make profit on them (partly through VAT avoidance by using Jersey) and you would not pay £6.00 in a GC or the like for bare root plants or 1'' seedlings. You can easily get similar plants for £1.

You do get convenience by them posting them to your door and if you look after the tiny plants and they survive, then you can fill your garden quickly.

Just remember, there is no such thing as a free lunch - you are paying £6.00 for plants and P&P and do not give into advertisements so easily.


Dove's right - it's only a bargain if you were going to buy it anyway - and even then...

GCs and supermarkets rely on the 'buy now and come back later for more when they die' brigade.

I'd much rather go to a good nursery - in person or online - where you know the plants have been correctly maintained. That said, if I see something in a diy store or supermarket that would suit me and is a good price I'll take the chance. I've had good bargains of bulbs and half price plants recently because they're making way for other items. I've never bought plug plants on these offers though.


I would expect any business to make a profit on it's operations - that's how businesses work and to expect anything else is naive or disingenuous.

As adults we all make our own choices, taking our own personal circumstances into account.  To imply that we're being taken in by sharp practice is patronising. 


I have bought loads of plants from Morrisons over the years ( i sneak them in with the food shopping!!) and I would say 99% have been successful. Some times I pot them on for a bit, but generally they are good quality and grow well. I bought some Eucomis bulbs last year for £1 each, potted them up and they were fabulous this Autumn.

Never ordered any of these so called free offers though!


Although, as I've said before, I find T & M a bit hit and miss, I often buy from them because you can convert £5 of Tesco vouchers into £15 on the T & M website and then buy a £70 plug collection on offer at about £17 (I hold on until a good offer is available) so for £2 + postage you get a lot of plug plants and even if only half of them thrive you've still got a bargain.  The plants that do survive are usually pretty good do-ers.  I haven't gone for any of the postage only offers because they don't seem to offer true value for money in comparison.

I've just started regenerating a garden so I'm always on the lookout for ways to save a quid or 2.  So far I've only succumbed to the freebies where you pay P&P only and I've been happy with what I've received.

hollie hock

I bought some snowdrops in the green and the 6 perennial offer last year. A year on and I'm very happy with them, on the whole grown into strong perennial plants.




I AM speaking for myself Dove,and I do get the local nursery to order me special plants. My thoughts are simmilar to Gina Gibbs,Blairs,Mark Talbot and Macavitythe cat. But there are people who are seduced by these online offers, especially if they are new gardeners.

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