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I until recently had a 5* restaurant in our garden for the birds. However we now have some uninvited guests RATS I cry. The birds have stopped visiting,so I stopped putting food out but the rats are still coming and eating the grass. Yes the grass. I am at the end of my tether. Can anyone advise.Missing the birds and the garden.
Beaus Mum

Oh Zara I just tried googling to help find an answer for you and all I could find was yes they do eat, well chew on grass and pull tufts outs for fun and all they suggested was putting down rat killer bait but I'm not sure If this could harm other wildlife too?

hope someone can help 


Not heard of rats eating grass.  I would use rat killer but follow the advice on the product.  

Wish I could send some pics of the rat pack and what they have done. Getting a new bird feeding station put up,alot higher and hopefully rat proof. What are you views on a couple of feral cats? Anyway thanks for the advice earlier.


If you want outdoor cats, just pop down to your local vet's surgery and they will know where you can get them or there may even be a notice on the wall. The cats will need feeding and shelter, but they need not come in the house.

Rats are very fine climbers, by the way.

I cut the bottom off plastic 2litre bottles and slot them over the poles of the feeders. You may have to cut up the side too, to get it to fit. Then you need two overlapping, with the splits offset. The rats can't bypass the bottles so can't get up the poles. Looks a bit weird but it works.

Sorry about late reply and I am genuinely overwhelmed with all the help and advice. Thankyou. I will let you all know the outcome.
If you do end up getting cats please be very careful about not letting them into the house. Where will they go if t gets cold?

My cat is my solution to the rat problem caused by dense overgrowth at the back f my house

Has there been any unusual activity in the area around your house? any building work, sewer work etc? We had this problem once when a house was demolished and the rat inhabitants had to look for a new home. Another time, a neighbour renovated a derelict garden and removed a manhole cover leaving the rats free to wander above ground.

Your feeding station attracted the rats. Taking it away will have left morsels of food in the grass. They will be rootling around looking for scraps. Tie a tray under the feeders in future to catch the crumbs.

If you don't own a cat, I would advise against getting one. They are long lived, need veterinary treatment, worming and flea treatment and daily care such as ckean water and somewhere warm and dry to sleep. They are not Rent-a-Cat. 


A Jack Russell is very good at this too But, as above, don't get one just to deal with rats; they need walks, vet visits, affection, food, fun, lots of games...rather like having a child, but you don't have to help them with homework.


If you want to use rat bait, and its ok if you place it in discreet places so nothing else can get to it, you need Neosorexa Gold, they are immune to most others. 

If you have a breeding pair they will become 100 in a couple of months, they breed very quickly.

The council used to come out for free, I am not sure if they do that anymore, they left us some green hard jelly type cubes, they were useless, I dont know what they use now, but on the farm they only one that works quickly is the one I mentioned here..



Hi ,to kill the rats and not other wildlife,simply take  a 12 inch piece of plastic drain pipe about 3/4 inches dia, cut a 2inch square  in the middle,place this inside a  12 inch piece of drain pipe slightly larger   than the first also with the same  hole cut in it ,line the holes up, inset the bait and twist the outside pipe to cover the hole,place the pipes into position and put a brick/weight on it to secure it ,,  very rarely do the rats die in the pipe but if so simply tip the pipe into dustbin and empty without touching or even seeing, cats /dogs cant get in ,all you have to do is make the pipes not to big, easy and its worked on the allotments for a long ,long time, and the never needs replacing. easy and clean. Alan


Alan, do you block off the ends?


Just to add to Alans post, place it at the back of your border or wall as rats like to keep close to something when they track. We fix a slate or rock very close to the ends, just leaving room for rat to get in.

As some one pointed out on yet another newly started 'Rat' thread, the stuff you buy in B&Q is useless, go to the Farmers store and buy the Neosorexa, for farmers use, that is the Gold, its very potent and very quick.



Hi Artjak,no remember you have turned  the outside  pipe only so the inside pipe square hole is now gone, just as Lyn says leave them open  just big enough for a rat to get in  ,and they get through very very tiny holes,and the farmers stores are the best for rat poison,Neosorexa is the one ,obviosly Lyns done it all before.

Sorry. I couldn't answer any one earlier. I had a seizure and was out of service for a while. They come on out of the blue. Anyway I am ok at the moment, so wanted to let you all know the latest news. Plastic bottles attached to feeding station post worked a treat ,stopped Ratty in his tracks. Haven't put bird food back out yet though. Going to get a big tray attached underneath first. Have to visit Moles store in Hexham for rat poison when I feel a bit better. If all else fails, I am going to get a lion or maybe a tiger ???? ha,ha. Thankyou all again

Glad you're back in full working order again Zara and glad you're having success in foiling Ratty's tricks.  Good luck with the felines


Oh I meant to say about the cat as hunter. When they've finished with the rats they'll move on to the birds.


My tom will not touch a rat! I. Hope it stays that way, you can get horendous vet bills from a rat bitten cat.